Last Global Part of Colonialism Octopus: Islamophobia

A little Muslim child witnesses the massacres done by a “species“ called as Muslim whose geography is named as the Middle East in which he has been living, holding a bottle of coke in his hand. In other words, there is a place called as Syria which children are bombarded in its seashores and which children have been made homeless and frozen because of the cold. In every sip of the coke, the information pollution has been blowing his own self-consciousness.

A person who holds a knife in his hand, has been cutting a British by speaking in a language called as -I guess- English and saying Allahu Akbar; but how! Then Islam should be a horrible thing!!! So, what if that child would have been living in Denmark, Ireland or New York; what would he think? Where does the history stream? What does a young girl who is hearing the news about women who have been selling in the female markets, begin to think about Islam? What do people think when they watch the road cutting theatre? It is a chaos of propaganda in which functional good and moral good have been in the confusion. Then the knife, which is the functional good, benefits to cut, and if it cuts the correct one, it turns into the moral good. The contemplation supports tadabbur. Correct thought and correct action. What if a person, who speaks in English, cuts another person who speaks in English for Islam? To where are the knife, the place and the person driven away? That’s an execution scene of a civilization.

The history is the most important laboratory in which we have been thinking our existence. If we observe an alive organism under the microscope and reach an empirical information about that; we observe and understand the social vividness and continuity of human over the history. By this way, we have been touching to the cells of our personality and then becoming to perceive the reality of our existence. We can always understand the basic issues providing the vitality with the threats of the body after becoming cancer. So, the historical adventure of Turks has been multi-geographical and very colorful. Since highly older times of the history, the idea of living together and keeping alive in various regions has been one of the most important action plans of our state. Turks have taken the notes the experience of how the diversity can be kept alive together in a wide geography through the line from Turkestan to Balkans as one of the most important legacy of the history. They bring the historical processes, namely the past with cultural alliances and convergences to the moment namely to now. The memories of the past and its important cases reach to the moment by being remembered of the history.

When Turks reached by the Seljuks to the region called as the Middle East in 11th century, they began to open a period of dominance and service which would keep on for many years. Eventually, different national constitutions, languages, religions and sects have been lived together under the Turkish justice department in this region during the process which was completed with the Ottomans. After the Turkish shield was broken in the beginning of 20th century, the region left a century with full of breakups, wars and conflicts behind. The region couldn’t remember the political and social infrastructures that reach its own historical mission and vision. After that unfortunate geography remained without history, unconsciously left itself alone with the fate of drifting from a valley to another like a mood of a person who lost his memory.

The geography called as the Middle East has been in a situation of bleeding wound as a region in which people have experienced great pains. This region, which has been a circle of serious problems for both its own societies and the region, has become an orphan child of pains and massacres in every period because of the irreconcilable policies of Israel. At this point, the region has become a mesh of violence tables which should be stopped as a massacre experienced in Gaza. The mission of taking note into the fair memory of the history for remembering all, was taken on by the Turkish nation before everyone.

The region that we expressed in the view of Gaza which is a place of our own cultural and spiritual geography because of our historical and cultural links has been living politically and socially a great crisis. While the innocent babies and children are being murdered violently and Gaza is wanted to be pushed out of the history. At this point, we should take some of the most important notes to the history like; to adopt the pains by taking the notes in the history even if that’s been a little piece inside, to contribute to information infrastructure providing to generate logical and realistic about future, to actuate the stuff who will make that, to train new ones if possible.

Our geography remained highly functionless in the historical process, our moral goods went to waste. A strategy of the post cold war called as Islamophobia, has occurred as a new phase of an orientalist management mind. The subject called Islam should be always mentioned with negative verbs. According to this context, that can be constructed with negativity, and also painful contents should be carried on propositions about that. So, a new theory will occur and by this moral gap called as Islamophobia, this contemplation should be a struggle factor which can’t give Islam as a hope, doesn’t have any word to say to history, doesn’t benefit to human and can’t be anything about humanity. Actuality called as Muslim has already given up to think for a long time. It has been really long time that they have entrusted all about themselves to the historical consolations. Also the historical disputes and gaps of the region have given appropriate opportunities for destroying the time and place. Even if there’s a negativity, it is not a problem; because it is possible to produce. However there has been a crowd that can lean in front of the money, all the time.

As a cultural essence, Muslims couldn’t have been exposed a civilization. That doesn’t existed in their content, and in their ingredient. That essentialist otherization was a seed planted by orientalism for a long time and that was greened and bore fruits in wanted minds. In this regard, that was not mentally an important problem to create Islamophobia. No matter what, Islam subject should be able to stand right next to unfavourable, negative rhetoric. That wanted development couldn’t be experienced in the historical process on this geography. Muslims were a crowd of people who was scattered to the deserts and was trying to catch angels of irrational dreams. It has been a few century since that geography, which couldn’t be culturally developed and was full of with lacks, forgot its wisdom that didn’t know even what the orientalism was.

The process, which began in 1990s, would be transformed from opinion to action with 11 September towers. Afghanistan occupation of Soviets, and the foundation of the idea of historical process were already laid by being scattered of Wahhabi / Salafi seeds to that geography during the occupation of Hijaz by British. On the third phase, the USA occupied Iraq and then Islam of Islamophobia could be into play. As the line of Seljuks-Ottomans had the Islam of Hanafi – Maturidi, the period of colonialism had Orientalist Islam and so Islam of Islamophobia. That was the correct time to replay tactics of orientalism, which fell culturally behind and had a frame full of with lacks.

The child holding a coke on his hand, and watching the man with a knife on TV, will put forth the geographical and physical reality of the existed Islam of Islamophobia. That should be upended to the governments and societies in the globalizing era as the latest appearance of the geography which was subjected to exotic, erotic and economic readings for really long time, and in which was made various, orientalist concretizations. There were blood, gun, female markets, cutting arms and jihadist cries inside of that reality. After then, the term of Allahu Akbar was a negative rhetoric. By speaking in English, a person holding a knife on his hand was cutting another English. This person, who was claiming that he was Salafi, and who was applying Quran and tradition, was showing what the century of felicity of the term, called as Islam, gave the hope to the world, exactly in the same manner with his stance. People, whose mind was run upside down with jihadist Muslim image, wasn’t in a situation to think in a healthy manner. When the imagination of place and Muslim personality, which was negatively created, overlapped; there were Muslim views from the homeland of Islam of Islamophobia. All of them was correcting thousands of references manipulated and taken to the records in the past. Beyond the correction; those references, which were increasing over the global network, were adding newest negative verbs to the present subjects of Islam and Muslim. The tendency of authorization was the basic quality of the Muslim. The concept of democracy was only a transition in their world, not an ideal. Actually, there was not a respect to law and a love to human. Each authoritarian manifest meant to be approved of manipulated and released physical reality in the Western mind (also including Eastern minds as Japan, India, and China), once again. After the cold war in 90s, people, who were making searches and analyses of civilization, was finding discriminative events such as the nation-state, discriminations in sects and ethnics on the Islamic geography. Islam wasn’t a hope for 21st century and all of those were enough reasons. Moreover, that was also pointing out the potentials of developing an appropriate policy for the reality of newly constructed global place and Islamophobic Islam. Islam of Islamophobia has been a phenomenon of the recent production of orientalist mentality and methods. That is a country of the Arabian Nights in which the violence and illegality have been reigning. While the lead role was an object who is out of history and called as Muslim; the scenario was taken from a desperate story called as Islam. A new global story has begun to be told to the world with the rhetoric of negatives. In this process, physical reality has been constructed with its new codes on the minds and the references have been kept on being raised with the concerning issues. The grandchildren has been constructing a new eastern image in the direction of eastern science which the fathers of orientalism entered with a curiosity or a management ambition in the process.

After the recommendations of the views of Ahmet b. Hanbel, who fell into difficulties because of the Abbasi pressures in 9th century, by Ibn-i Haldun with an approach called as the Recent Hanbalis; after the rhetoric of jihad ideas of Ibn Teymiyye about the Mongol invasion in 14th century; after the thinking ground, which found a new place and society with the updates of Muhammed b. Abdulvahab in 19th century; and after the invasion of English to the region and the reveal of Saud state; in the process of the Afghanistan occupation of Soviets in 1979 and the Iraq occupation in 2003 on the swamp of Syria; The Recent Assasins have made clear the Islam of Islamophobia, which has been newly constructed, to every kind of interventions and hostility with the attack into a cartoon magazine in Paris. The Turkish / Islamophobia process which found a ground in Europe; gave one of its fire alarms with the attack of Brevik. In this process, the concept of Islam of Islamophobia has come to its recent level with the aids of sectarian and ethnical studies on the fertile ground which has been formed in the Arab spring. This concept is an emergency alarm instead of the simplicity of reducing an escaping idea crime to the external forces. There is not an absolute guilty eastern issue, as there is not an absolute obsessive western issue. However, the Century of Felicity has been bombarded by Muslims own at this point. All internal actors such as Iran and Saudi Arabia and all external factors related to the subject have an equal responsibility here. There is not an exception to find any terrorist action, which has ethnical or sectarian tendency, reasonable or agreeable in a country in which the terrorism has been victimizing for thirty years. The question of “Don’t we, Muslims have any fault?“ is not only unjustifiable and unnecessary but also is away of discussion. The essay, which was written as a caution about the necessity of attention and precision of the trick, would like to take attention to the fictive actions of a constructive mind. It would like to show one of many ways for analyzing the subject. The Century of Felicity of the prophet Mohammed, which people have spilt blood because of the insults for him, has been transforming from being an opportunity of a golden age and a regeneration time to dark times in which people create the violence. This is the exact fact that has been disappearing among the fights, battles, dust and smoke. The inheritors of the unifying and common language founder traditions and experiences of the Seljuk-Ottoman line have supposed to produce more original and hopeful thoughts at this point. Beyond the daily discussions and conflicts, the developments should be seen processual and constructive. If these developments can’t be received with proper reactions, the consequences of that challenge will be heavy for our geography.

It can be too late for everything when we reach the point that can’t be known which road the children - these kids have been watching TV holding coke in their hands right now - will be taken or which drug will kill them and then when that will be reflected to the media. While the global network is on the air with the Islam of Islamophobia, then what’s our alternative series? It is only one of the terrifying thoughts to raise the absolute solitude possibility about the subjects such as Armenian Claims by the fact that all of the negative perceptions about Islam and Muslims will be a legitimate ground of negative perceptions and actions concerning all the countries leading Turkey. People, who react today with their negative rhetoric to the world that has been showed as intolerant and strict, can support tomorrow ethnical groups; who will assert similar reactions as laic and modern about the precautions that should be taken against ethnical problems.

If we remember that even Beşşar Esed emphasized the laicism, the pessimism about the future will be inevitable. In every conditions, there should be immediate responses from effective defensive barriers such as Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi to the fictional air of the Islam of Islamophobia. In the open areas of Europe and the world, the soul sounds like Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi should be opposed to the sound of violence and the civilization noise should be suppressed with the wisdom sound of civilization by the artificial studies like Mevlevi rituals. Besides beginning the opinion lynches; the studies of reaching the common sense with multilateral conversations, which are not like monologues, will be the most important way. Time is not the time for searching who’s right and wrong; so time requires to show the truth against the produced fiction and represent it. The experience of Seljuk-Ottoman has showed us that fact. Instead of taking a side, trying a common language of the truth is the realist and beneficial way. As Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi told us in his Masnawi; “(Oh God!) Do not look at us; look into your own generosity and greatness!“

We hope that the returns of time can form a ground even which Westerns show their reactions and call their coreligionists to respect in the place that the prophet Mohammed has been insulted.

The subject called as Muslim, what’s your predicate?
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