Crisis of Egypt and Transformation of the Region

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“Revolution creates Utopia and Chaos rather than acquisition“ Victor Hugo

Developing foreign policy in our world in which multi dimensional power systematic has become an equation with multiple variables. This has make it too difficult to build satisfied and ripe real politic processes about foreign even more domestic policy in the new term that we has passed from era of predictability to foreseeability.

Today, for international actors, to take firm steps in such an environment is based on some conditions such as the qualification of human sources developed on a democratic and legal ground,reinforce the economic infrastructure, conducting the public diplomacy acitivities effectively oriented to both foreign and internal and foreign public opinion.

The events brought out in Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia which had effected all Arabic countries and had reached to the peak in Egypt could be evaluated in this frame. The anger of public could not be controlled by the rulers anymore in Egypt whose economy has been bad for long ages and the living conditions has become recently worse. On the other hand; they have become open to the manipulation of other actors.

In the country, 56 million of total 84 million population are consisted of young people under age of 30. However, the sources of country are controlled by western powers rather than the real owner for some reasons such as scarcity of qualified human sources, lack of communication between public and Government, antidemocratic processes, not conducting the public diplomacy properly in domestic and foreign spheres and not establishing mentality to conduct this. The recent rebellion has made it difficult for local actor to control the events and has increased the tendency for foreign intervention.

The last chaos and riot have potential to create a new way of relief for the economies of the western countries, which have been terribly stalemated recently. This has enabled it for the West to control easily the markets and economic infrastructures and the sources of North Africa, Middle East and South Asia, which has not been touched yet due to the Closed Regime.

In fact, this chaos and disorder had happened as no significant steps have been taken about using human sources for long ages. The legitimacy of governments has been seriously damaged in the region which is unable to bring its own resources into use with national human resources. So the micro nationalism will bitter in an atmosphere of chaos and disorder and many new small states more dependent on the West politically and economically will be tried to be established in North Africa and South Asia. Therefore, that the present states will exist in multi dimensional competition in 21st century will become a dream once more.

Many countries, including Tukey, have been under an illusion about realizing the possible consequences of global problems and multi dimensional brutal competition which especially come out in the last ten years. Again, the root cause of this mistake is the problem of qualified human resources including political elite. After the experiences of Egypt and Tunisia, İt must be realized that the ideological differences for which people fight are so meaningless. Some competitional organs in international arena, which have been established to support present cleavages, fulfill their duty properly. And it must clearly be understood that there is no time, as it was the case in the past, to remove the problems which occurred due to the agents.

We do not intend to tell that the effects of western actors are not so important in the district by our all words. Furthermore, today, when the role of the states is being decreased, the major fund holders have taken the determinant power in international arena. Nonetheless, it is considerably difficult to say there is a significant change in the profile of the actors in the region. We must indicate that the real elements in the region has not been so effective about determining an orientation for the region since before now. In today’s world which is globalizing and activity form dramatically changing qualification, if the human resources in the district are not activated, the bad condition of the region, which caused by passivity will be worse in the near future. For this reason, we should express our self-criticism about our friends rather than criticizing the Western powers to ease ourselves. Ladies and Gentleman! As Democracy could not be established if there is no human resources, sharing common vision and mission on democratic ground, the freedom, welfare, and internal and external security could not be maintained.

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