WISE 2018 | World Muslim Women Summit And Exhibition Istanbul Declaration (DRAFT)


World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition | WISE 2018, with the theme “One Woman - One World | Politics for Building Power and Justice” has been ...

World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition | WISE 2018, with the theme “One Woman - One World | Politics for Building Power and Justice“ has been arranged on 01-02 March 2018, same time of the 8th World Islamic Forum. Summit; the World Islamic Forum, organized by the General Secretariat of TASAM, in cooperation with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and the Women NGOs. Different NGOs and think tanks representatives, researchers, political representatives, ministers, diplomats, bureaucrats and parliamentarians have participated in a wide range.

1. Considering the basic trends in the world of "land and the machine" followed by "information and knowledge-based products" global competition in the based new economy era of "micro-nationalism", "integration" and "unpredictability" developing over, the challenge that determines the new nature and state of life; Unsustainability of the formula of "resource and sharing crisis", "production-consumption-growth", Chinese lifter and "elimination of the middle class", "energy, water and food insecurity" “transition 4 to dimension", "liquidation of human resources in the labor force ", changing state of nature and expectation management, "transition from hard power to soft power" as the basic references are being shaped. Within all these basic parameters, the transformations in technology; artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, and mobility-oriented, it is easy to change the whole human life and nature. It is obvious that the concepts of "Industry 4.0" and "Society 5.0", which we have been hearing for a few years and which have been added for the last year, are important topics for managing the transformation of the world. Another factor is the turbulence that China creates as it begins to become more active every day on the world stage. The new Silk Road project "Belt and Road" is shaped as a global integration project involving 64 countries, both land and sea, permanently changing the distribution of economic pace.

2. Taking these global variables into account;
Central Role Distribution and Sharing in the Islamic World,
Supporting Religion, Language, History, Geography Brotherhood with Mutual Dependence, "Political, Economic, Sectorial Integrity" in National and Union Based Politics,
Critical Thinking, "Production-Consumption-Growth" formation-Focused New Models are emphasized as essential requirements.

The new competition ecosystem summarized in the first two points and the macro targets proposed for the future are in the context of the contribution and activity of Muslim women;

3. If the Social status of the woman is problematic in one society, this is a vital concern. When women are ineffective and problematic in a society, it is like half paralyzed of a body. Particularly, today it is not possible for communities to achieve the development and development goals when women are ineffective. Therefore, women should be encouraged for a peaceful and prosperous world in which they should operate more roles in all fields, especially politics, science and economy in order to "build power, justice and civilization".

4. The first important historical documents on women's rights are among the basic texts of Islam. Problems arising from the mixing of tradition and religion over the cores of time cannot be attributed to Islam.

5. The development of educational opportunities for all men and women, the introduction of people from different beliefs and tendencies together with industrialization and urbanization, facts that affect all humanity and transform social structures, such as the obligation of wider groups of the information society to take part in business life, the issue of women needs to be dealt with carefully and to from a different perspective. In this regards, the gaps have made the issue of women open to internal and external manipulations and abuses.

6. The factors that women try to communicate their right’s claims through traditional male - female relationships, where rights and responsibilities are also limited, is inexcusable and it is impossible to compensate for male and female relationships. Positive discrimination practices related to the elimination of women's grievances; not as a permanent application but as a temporary application to solve the grievance only, the sustainability of the balance between rights and responsibilities, it must be ensured promptly within the framework of sensitivity to the principle of equity and the keeping of the family, the cornerstone of society; regarding the subject, it should be benefited from successful country experiences from East and West.

7. “Violence against women " developed in the West and imposed as universal norms in relation to the issue of women“, "male-dominated society structure", "male-female equality", "patriarchal feudal order", "gender", "birth control", "population planning" etc. concepts should be dismantled; in terms of universal criteria and the principles of our own civilization, we must develop the concepts those have been found to have really contributed to the solution of the women's issue. Otherwise, the content of the concepts produced in order to increase consumption and consolidation the economic and political power of the West should be refilled or avoided.

8. New ecosystem analysis and institutional identification for the protection and awareness of women's rights in all legal, administrative, social and educational areas are to be regarded priorities for understanding and adapting to the new nature.

9. Woman participation to education and the rate of woman administrators in education should be increased. And education of women should be given importance and encouraged for the development of the society. As a role model in human resource building, the development of the parenthood should be given the necessary importance. Parents should be considered not only as individuals who meet the biological needs of children, but also as actors who equip them with moral values and principles of life, who have the power to face the modern complexity of the world, and who work wisely to raise productive and efficient generations. At this point, the role of the mother due to the effect on the child is especially important to have the necessary education and equipment. In order to the future generations to be able to follow contemporary developments, the “world is home for mother“ approach should be adopted instead of “home is World for woman.“

10. The decisions one makes about his / her own future and the lifestyle their choices should be respected and appreciated. It is disrespectful to look at any profession or career choice with prejudice to human will and freedom. The important thing is to remove the obstacles that put mortgages on the will of the people. Women's choice of profession, lifestyle and clothing preferences should be assessed within the framework of equality and freedom principles. It is the basic principles of religion that draws the boundaries. Without concession from the principles, providing an oasis of hope will confirm the competence of the civilization and representation of the Islamic community.

11. At the point of empowering women and giving them responsibility; governments, civil society and educational institutions, private sector, industry and community channels are to be ensured. The visibility of role models of Muslim women should be enhanced through more effective activities and media all over the world.

12. Since any form of violence and abuse cannot be approved, remarkable activities should be carried out all over the world on issues of violence and abuse against women. Wars, natural disasters, etc. activities that advocate the safety of women who have migrated to different geographical areas for reasons and the right to free life.

13. Women who are deceived by terrorist organizations with various promises and torn from their geographies should be prevented from participating in terrorist organizations in future accordingly. Women in conflict zones should be prevented from exploiting illegal and illegitimate structures under guise such as democracy and human rights.

14. Muslim women must meet democracy and politics, participate in politics and have a say in the governance of the countries. Particularly in terms of bringing the perspective of "motherly affection" to conflict resolution activities, it is absolutely essential to ensure women’s taking part in effective and pioneering work in such studies.

15. Incentives should be organized to ensure that Muslim women are visible in the business world, and the working conditions of Muslim women in various sectors should be regulated and legally protected. In this way, labor exploitation must be prevented.

16. Individuals should be aware of the virtual activities that produce concrete results in terms of the future of society. At this point, activities carried out by women are to be considered with particular importance.

17. An interactive network should be established among Muslim women in every region of the world for action plans, program implementation, and action plans for strengthening Muslim women.
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