Turkey - India Round Table Meeting 2 FINAL REPORT

The Final Report of the 2nd Turkey - India Round Table Meeting organized in cooperation with TASAM and ICWA with the theme of "Changing Global and Regional Dynamics: A Role for India and Turkey” in Istanbul on March 6, 2018 is as follows:
The 8 th World Islamic Forum was held in Istanbul on 01-02 March 2018 under the main theme of “Spiritual Authority and Integration In Theory and Practice” with the participation of NGOs and think tanks, researchers, political representatives, ministers, diplomats, bureaucrats and parliamentarians.

Last 15 Days for POWER 2017

On 07-09 April 2017, World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition to be held in Khartoum-Sudan. The preparations for POWER 2017 have come to the last stage. The main theme is "Youth Strategy for Power and Justice Establishment". Interest from Turkey is increasing at the summit.