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Black Sea - Caucasus: Economy, Energy, Security

Black Sea-Caucasus region, as one of the most important geostrategic and economic areas, has been continued to be an essential part of the world throughout history.

Lobbying As an Art of Possible

In the modern history it is almost impossible to exist ignoring others around you or isolate from the rest of the world. Even if we see some examples, this practice seems to be lamentable.

Ambassador Leonidas CHRYSANTHOPOULOS Secretary General of the Organization of BSEC (Black Sea Economic Cooperation)

2ND International Black Sea - Caucasian Congress | Call for Paper

The 2nd International Black Sea – Caucasian Congress, which will be held with the main theme of the “Future of the Black Sea - Caucasian Economy and Turkey“ aims at contributing to this field.

S. Caucasia Stability Workshop is in Istanbul

Regional Stability in the South Caucasia Workshop is going to be held in Istanbul on 20-22 March 2014 under “From Self-Defence to Regional Disarmament: Reducing Tensions and Stabilising the South Caucasus” main theme.

International Black Sea-Caucasus >>

Distinguished Participants, On behalf of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC), I wish to congratulate the organizers of this Congress and I express our gratitude for inviting our Organization to attend this important event.

Internatıonal Black Sea-Caucasus >>

“Economy, Energy and Security; New Opportunities”

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