Nationalization and Persistence in Technology


It is seen that the economic center of gravity of the world has shifted towards Asia since the beginning of the 2000s, when China entered the World Trade Organization. We observe that the Asia Pacific region showed a faster recovery after the Kovid-19 crisis compared to other regions and accelerated the shift of the center of gravity. ...

It is seen that the economic center of gravity of the world has shifted towards Asia since the beginning of the 2000s, when China entered the World Trade Organization. We observe that the Asia Pacific region showed a faster recovery after the Kovid-19 crisis compared to other regions and accelerated the shift of the center of gravity. This process may escalate further in the coming years. We see that this situation increases the gravity of China on the center of gravity of the world economy, and besides this, countries like India also contribute to this attraction. In other words, a transformation is taking place. These affect not only states and companies, but also all of us. In addition to these changes, states and companies are experiencing difficulties in planning in the competitive environment of the USA and China. For example, the European Union is in a position to develop a commercial strategy in which it can maintain its alliance with the USA on the one hand, and benefit from the increasing importance and regional integration of Asia, on the other hand, and is making great efforts for this.

We can say that the concept of “post-security geopolitics“ is gaining importance nowadays. Although the interests of national capital and active capital in the global dimension overlap from time to time, they often conflict. For this reason, a serious deviation from the traditional nation-state model defined by the supporters of national capital may occur. This transformation in the interests of the traditional nation-state and understanding of security shows us that the world has begun to evolve towards a multipolar structure. Therefore, we see that there can be a transformation in the understanding of security. This deepening and complexity in the understanding of security is defined by the concept of "post-security".

Türkiye is located in one of the most critical areas of the world due to its geopolitical position and has a very important strategic position. Our uniquely beautiful country; It is a keystone that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea via the Aegean Sea and can reach the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East. When we look at this special position, historical power, large and qualified population, cultural level and especially technology and production infrastructure, we see that our country is an effective power on a global scale that will bring the West and the East together. In addition, our country carries out important works to ensure both national and global security and is a strategic partner of the relevant international alliances. Türkiye realizes its industrialization momentum by paying attention to the environment and people and keeping this issue at the forefront, and continues its continuous growth and development. Our country invests in people and the environment, and the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly adopted the Paris Climate Agreement in October. Our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, announced to the whole world that after the United Nations General Assembly, Türkiye has taken an important step in line with its 2053 Vision. Implementation of critical milestones on climate change in Türkiye has been committed. In this context, our country has included sustainability and green growth issues in its roadmap.

At the G-20 summit, our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, set out that Türkiye would be a pioneer in the world with the Green Development Revolution. As ASELSAN, we also provide critical developments for the realization of both our activities and the solutions we offer to our users, with environmental awareness at the forefront.

Türkiye has been one of NATO's most valuable and unique allies for 69 years. Having the second largest army in NATO, Türkiye stands out as a unique and very important ally in the southeast wing of the alliance with its large economy, regional military and political power. The effective solutions put forward by our country within the scope of the fight against the migration issue and various security issues, especially as a result of the troublesome developments in the Middle East, are appreciated in the international arena, including the European Union and NATO.

ASELSAN always supports our country to make unique contributions in international alliances, both in defense and civil fields, with domestic and national system products and solutions based on high technology. We see that our Turkish Armed Forces have made significant contributions to many critical peace support operations in the past and today, in line with the ideal of "peace at home, peace in the world". Türkiye has a special status that contributes to regional and international security with its current military capacity, effective foreign policy, national economy and its historical, geographical location, cultural heritage, which are soft power elements. Our ASELSAN offers domestic and national solutions to every need of the strong Turkish army and provides important developments for the independence of our country within the scope of defense systems. ASELSAN is constantly developing with its critical R&D activities. Today, we are able to take its development further with various cooperation programs, not only for Türkiye but also for friendly and brotherly countries. We expect good developments in this direction as well.

Türkiye, the cradle of different civilizations for centuries, is not only a country that synthesizes Eastern and Western cultures, but also the center of the Turkish world. Our strong state is taking many new strategic steps in order to further improve this position. In the tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia, a ceasefire agreement was signed with high gains as a result of the use of our country's superior technological activities and the defense systems produced within the scope of the national technology move. Within the framework of these developments, the establishment of the Nakhchivan Corridor, which opens Türkiye to Central Asia, has been ensured. Thus, a new geopolitical and geo-economic period has begun between Türkiye and Central Asia, and we think that great developments can be achieved in our country's interaction with the Turkish world.

Our country continues its infrastructure investments at a high pace within the framework of the development program that it continues at high speed. Our country invests in energy, transportation, smart cities and public safety systems within the scope of its future visions. Important steps taken and solutions offered in this direction support both national and global interests.

ASELSAN has the infrastructure to meet the needs of other countries as well as the needs of our country, with a competent sector presidency that offers solutions in the fields of transportation, security, energy, automation and health. The Turkish Defense Industry is one of the important components of our country's peaceful diplomacy and collaborative approach. Our state strengthens its processes with friendly and brotherly countries and provides benefits to allied countries within the scope of their defense systems. The Turkish Defense Industry has drawn attention on a global scale. As the locomotive of the Turkish Defense Industry, ASELSAN will continue its sustainable growth and contribute to independence in defense technologies.

ASELSAN's distinguished, experienced and qualified engineering workforce capable of designing at the highest level of technology, project management experience, and systems engineering staff that enable the realization of large integrated systems; with both the advantage of being competent and the accumulated experience in many fields of activity of the defense sector, it has made many impossible possible. At the same time, this workforce can quickly update and use the knowledge and experience gained in the defense sector for solutions in civilian areas. In this context, ASELSAN engineers have brought many products and technologies to our country and the industry. ASELSAN will work non-stop and continue to offer important solutions for the Türkiye of the Future.

ASELSAN, which was established in 1975 to manufacture radios; despite the epidemic period, it maintains its place in the 48th place among the world's top 100 defense companies for the last two years, with its successful studies based on R&D, concentrating on all systems needed in the individual military field, and high-quality solutions it offers to the whole world. We consider it an important success for our country. Our ASELSAN carries out its wide-ranging activities within the body of five important sector presidency - which can be considered as five factories. These; “communication and information technologies“, “micro-electronic guidance and electro optics“, “radar and electronic warfare systems“, “defense system technologies and the fields of “transportation, security, energy, automation and health systems“ where we reflect these knowledge on the civilian area.

As ASELSAN, we will continue to see nationalization as a matter of survival in all areas of technology, not just in defense. Our ASELSAN will take steps that can be considered historical milestones with each passing day. The trust of our nation, the effort of our more than 9,000 employees and the support of our great state are under each of our successes. ASELSAN continues its activities by assimilating the strategy documents announced by our Presidency. ASELSAN is an important high technology company that will always support the strategies of the Republic of Türkiye. ASELSAN, an establishment of the Turkish Armed Forces, will continue to play a decisive role in Türkiye's struggle for independence and competitiveness in many sectors, especially in the Defense Industry. I present to you that we can develop this power by carrying out joint projects, cooperation studies and R&D activities with friendly and brotherly countries with the guidance of our state.

( Sami DUMAN, ASELSAN Strategy Management Director | Opening Speech, 7th Istanbul Security Conference, 04 November 2021 )

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