New World Regulation
Contradictions and Unpredictability
Micro Nationalism - Integration - Unpredictability
Expectation Management
Mental Thresholds
Strategic Patience
Controlled Depression
Failure in Success

New Power and Ownership
Strategic Transformation
Meritocracy - Critical Thinking and Merit
Focus on Strategic Capabilities
Strategic Services
Future Institutions
High Competition - High Cooperation
Company State - Mafia State
Enforcement of a Right
Vigilantism and E-Vigilantism
New Media Ecosystem

New Geopolitics
Post-Security Geopolitics
Interdependence - Proportional Risk
Naval Power - Land Power
Smart Power - Cyber Smart Power
Hybrid Warfare
Biological Terrorism
Kinetic Intelligence

Post-Modern Security and Ecosystem
Clockless Digital State
Employment Security

One World - Future Economy - Green Economy
Production - Consumption and Growth Standards
Debt-Money-Debt Source Crisis
Circular Economy
Attention Economy
Cultural Economy
Hyrdogen Economy
Unequal Economy
Business Models
Middle Class
Deep Poverty
Productive Aging
Social Companies
Social Entrepreneurial State

Atomic Clock
Quantum Computer
Digital Mathematics
Index of Indexes
Mathematics Geography
Chaos Mathematics
Network Mathematics
Biomathematics Infinity Number
Mathematics of Emotions (effects, asymmetry, feelings, etc.)
Cardio Mathematics

Reverse Mathematics (Consequence>Reason)
Future > Today > Past
Dormant Control Ecosystem (Top)
Unlimited Freedom Unlimited Control
Mimicry Models

Unmanned Aerial/Marine/Ground Vehicles
Space Technologies and New Elements
Thermofrost Layer
Existential Risks

Brain-Computer Interface
Hidden Hunger
Biotechnology (new organ and memory erasing)
Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence - Singularity 2045
Augmented Intelligence - Combined Intelligence
Virtual/Ehanced Reality
Post- Reality

Who Generation
Institutionalized Individualism
Demographic Cancer
Religion - Language - History - Geography
Spiritual Representation and Authority
School of Schools
Bread - Water - Salt and Fire
Wellbeing - Ethics - Aesthetics
Anatolian Information Revolution

Post-Security Dilemmas
One World - One System: Micro States
One World - Multiple System: Nation States
Red-Apple: Moral Revolution
Decentralized Center
Concept of “Distributed“
Debt - Money - Debt
Less Resources - More People
Alliances within Alliance
Rethinking Priorities/Enemies
'Soil - Water - Air - Fire' Ecosystem Security

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The World is changing, under the pressing resurgence of strategic hypercompetition and growing geopolitical crisis. New threats are constantly emerging and old ones are resolutely coming back from the past, driven by new technological integration. The current conflict in Ukraine reminds us of how hy...;

Despite a strong historical and cultural background, the relations between Türkiye and the Middle East, or more narrowly, Türkiye and the Gulf Countries, where strategic dialogue is still evolving, need to transform from a fragile axis into a cooperation axis that adapts to new balances, roles, and ...;

With all its co-events, the Istanbul Security Conference, to be held for the tenth time this year, will be organized on November 21-22, 2024, with global participation under the main theme of "Technopolitics New World: Security of Security - Mind, Generation, Family, Faith, and State Security" by TA...;

Mohammad GAWDAT; We are so brainwashed by productivity that it is impossible to stop AI. You would look back in 2027 and say shut why didn't we listen. I don't mean to scare people a lot by the way. I just want people to wake up. I don't know how much louder I can scream?;

We are very glad to be together at the 9th Istanbul Security Conference and its co-events, which we have continued without any disruption until today. We extend our gratitude to all our guests, both domestic and international.;

Although after the war ends, Ukraine will most certainly keep its status of an independent state, the final quality of its statehood and nationhood is undefined. Russia’s ongoing destruction of Ukraine has already changed its demographic, economic and social structure with the most severe long-term ...;

In the 100th year of the Republic, on 23-24 November 2023, the 9th Istanbul Security Conference titled as "Strategic Transformation in the Ecosystem" will be held by TASAM-NDSI with global participation at Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus. Last day to register is today, and the Participants...;

2nd Istanbul Cyber-Security Forum titled as “New Cyber Economy and Turkish Products“ will be held as a co-activity in the first day of the 9th Istanbul Security Conference to be held on 23-24 November 2023 at Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus by TASAM - NDSI. The deadline to register is Nove...;

East Mediterranean Program 2023-2025

  • 17 Jul 2023 - 19 Jul 2023
  • Sheraton Istanbul City Center -
  • İstanbul - Türkiye

5th Marine and Maritime Security Forum

  • 23 Nov 2023 - 24 Nov 2023
  • Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus -
  • İstanbul - Türkiye

2nd Istanbul Cyber-Security Forum

  • 23 Nov 2023 - 24 Nov 2023
  • Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus -
  • İstanbul - Türkiye

7th Türkiye - Gulf Defence and Security Forum

  • 23 Nov 2023 - 24 Nov 2023
  • Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus -
  • İstanbul - Türkiye