TASAM Activity Report is published


TASAM 2004-2021 Activity Report is published with an annual review by Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies, which has become an international “Turkish Brand”....

TASAM 2004-2021 Activity Report is published with an annual review by Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies, which has become an international “Turkish Brand“.

The Report highlights that each initiative is driven by a strong will for “institutionalization“ and underpinned by a variety of instruments, in its PROFILE section, which includes the titles of a large number of distinctive scholars, experts and researchers who greatly contribute to TASAM’s activities through its main office and institutes, and programs and projects guided by scientific committees.

Vice-chairmanship and directorship tasks of TASAM, chaired by Süleyman ŞENSOY since its establishment, are undertaken by Assoc. Prof. Brig. Gen. (R) Fahri ERENEL and Assoc. Dr. Engin SELÇUK respectively. The distinctive persons who serve on the board of advisors are as follows: Ambassador (R) Prof. Dr. Ali Engin OBA, Ambassador (R) Selim KARAOSMANOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Fuat İNCE, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sedat AYBAR, Prof. Dr. Hayati TÜFEKÇİOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Mert BİLGİN, Prof. Dr. Rahmi KARAKUŞ, Assoc. Dr. Emin Yaşar DEMİRCİ, Assoc. Dr. Gökhan BOLAT, Dr. Ali Vasfi KURT, Dr. Savaş BİÇER, Dr. Tuba BOZ and Tümay MERCAN.

Global, regional and “identity field“ activities under eleven different topics

The Report states that TASAM, which is a legal entity under the NGO category, and initiated its activities as a “think tank“ 19 years ago, operates under 11 different topics as part of its foreign policy framework. This framework deals with continental topics including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America; regional topics including the Balkans, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea-Caucasus, which represent a “security belt“ for Turkey in all its national security aspects; and the identity fields including the Turkic World and the Islamic World.

Three separate award concepts institutionalized within the frame of public diplomacy

Strategic Vision Awards, Turkic World Red-Apple Awards, and Islamic World Istanbul Awards of which the 13th edition of the first, and the 4th editions of the other two will be offered by TASAM are becoming institutionalized as getting stronger year by year by. According to their categories, reputability of the awards given to countless heads of state, strategic institutions and individuals is appreciated at all levels.

TASAM Activity Report 2004-2021, which is available at https://bit.ly/33woW9F, is a review of the outputs of the activities of TASAM, which has been built, as an institutional actor and a non-profit organization, by extraordinary efforts and great dedication over the last 19 years to provide a blueprint not only for today but also for the future in a way of transmission.
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Continents ( 5 Fields )
 Contents ( 471 ) Actiivities ( 219 )
TASAM Africa 0 149
TASAM Asia 0 236
TASAM Europe 0 43
TASAM Latin America & Carribea... 0 34
TASAM North America 0 9
Regions ( 4 Fields )
 Contents ( 178 ) Actiivities ( 54 )
TASAM Balkans 0 93
TASAM Middle East 0 62
TASAM Black Sea and Caucasus 0 16
TASAM Mediterranean 0 7
Identity Fields ( 2 Fields )
 Contents ( 176 ) Actiivities ( 75 )
TASAM Islamic World 0 147
TASAM Turkic World 0 29
TASAM Türkiye ( 1 Fields )
 Contents ( 223 ) Actiivities ( 59 )
TASAM Türkiye 0 223

In order for Türkiye - Yemen relations to be carried to an ideal point in today’s multi-dimensional world order; every parameter should be taken into consideration. The aims of the Program are to prepare a civil, institutional and intellectual strategic base to improve and strengthened the Türkiye -...;

Although during the Russian war in Ukraine, Belarus may be qualified as a Russian proxy, paradoxically, it can be as well perceived as a country struggling to save the rest of its independence from Moscow. ;

The physical elimination of Evgeni Prigozhin and the commandment of the Wagner Group opens the question of the further use of mercenaries, not only in Ukraine but in wider regional context. Designed as a non-conventional solution of ‘delicate’ tasks abroad, Wagner and its leader turned into a ‘delic...;

Artificial intelligence has become an important turning point of technological developments. Especially with the use of this technology a transformation process has begun in our lives. Systems developed and under development together with artificial intelligence technology: for example, the developm...;

After the military coup, Niger's future hangs in uncertainty driven by terrorism, necessitating the presence of Western allies in the Sahel region.;

The ‘Security in East Mediterranean’ Workshop, the first event within the scope of the East Mediterranean Program initiated by the TASAM National Defence and Security Institute and the Near East South Asia Strategic Studies Center (NESA) affiliated to the US Ministry of Defense, is held at Sheraton ...;

After the end of the Cold War, relations between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Russian Federation (RF) have developed dynamically, albeit seemingly unevenly. The possibility of a genuine strategic partnership between Russia and China seemed to be downplayed.;

One of the economic and foreign policy objectives of Turkiye is the development of the Middle Corridor on the New Silk Road route and thus becoming a logistics base in the terrestrial East-West trade via Eurasia and being a center in the supply chain.;