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* BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE is a brand/initiative with multi-programs based in Turkey which develops market, ecosystem and capacity in the ‘Biotechnology’, ‘Robotics’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Nanotechnology’, ‘Space’ and ‘Strategic Services’ fields. The programs planned through identical visions and strategies for each main fields which transforms the new business models and multidimensional power distribution in the global economy, are implemented under the common title of BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE....

( Biotechnology | Robotics | Artificial Intelligence | Nanotechnology | Space | Strategic Services )
“Development of Vision, Strategy, Ecosystem and Market, through the International Comparison“

* BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE is a brand/initiative with multi-programs based in Turkey which develops market, ecosystem and capacity in the ‘Biotechnology’, ‘Robotics’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Nanotechnology’, Space’ and ‘Strategic Services’ fields. The programs planned through identical visions and strategies for each main fields which transforms the new business models and multidimensional power distribution in the global economy, are implemented under the common title of BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE.


Strategic Services is a concept that exists since the age when the humankind has started to develop an order. The early examples of this field were observed mostly in the military consultancy and policy consultancy services as it was provided individually. Throughout the history, these Strategic Services was continued to be offered between institutions and countries as well as among the individuals in different fields.

The content of Strategic Services began to develop in the 16th century, as the dam construction, engineering and contracting services which were considered as the advanced technology of the period, was provided by China to its’ neighboring countries. The East India Company which was established at the beginning of the 17th century, through its services on transportation, which is one of the critical sectors for every country and business; it has become a part of the private sector through privatizing this sector, which was previously run and managed through governments and businessmen, as well as provided ground towards forming the foundations of today's cargo and transportation market. As time goes on, the concept of Strategic Services continued to expand and develop through the emergence of new commercial, military, financial, social concepts.

Strategic Services which was defined firstly as a sector which provides services to the public via private entrepreneurship companies, started to expand its field of activity in line with the changing dynamics of the world in 19th century. In the 20th century, these services began to be rendered to the private sector as a result of new formations that emerge in many fields such as finance, international trade, management etc. It was clear that these professional services were needed by the public and private sectors after the Great Depression and has increased importance of this sector globally. The globalization of the sector has extended the historical definition of the Strategic Services through the emergence of new order and technological developments.

Currently, the strategic consultancy has become a sector which affects the strategies and policies of both public and private institutions, and it also affects the development of economy and humankind. Today, volume of service exports exceeded volume of product exports in a few developed countries. Even though there are many reasons for this situation, one of the most effective reasons is the rapid development of technology. Upon the rapid development in technology, many disciplines such as economic, industrial, administrative etc. are changing accordingly, the private sector institutions and especially public institutions have difficulty in adapting to this change and the demand for strategic services increases rapidly.

BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE Strategic Services Program will analyze which Strategic Services fields would provide highest potential for future growth and which benefits can be gained from this growth by the Turkish Strategic Services sector, through considering Turkey's available strength and potential both in academic and industrial sectors.

Upon determining the industrial fields together with their sizes and scales as a result of the studies performed towards discovering the idle potential of Strategic Services industry in order to find the most reasonable and promising interests for the National Strategic Services Sector and to increase the efficiency of the private and public sector; such determined industrial fields shall be considered as the sectors which might have the strongest contribution to the competitiveness of the country, the efficiency of the economy and the welfare of the nation.

BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE Strategic Services Program; aims to provide " Strategic Services Strategy" options to Turkey and to be one of the leading stakeholders in the field of Strategic Services in Turkey through asking the right questions*** to the right people***. The purpose of the program includes: “Connecting the global trends with local needs“ through the contributions of Turkish experts; bringing the Strategic Services experts in Turkey and to utilize the output of such meetings and knowledge for the benefit of the Country; preparing an environment for events to strengthen the connections between the expert community; contributing Turkey's commercial position in the market which grows rapidly, determining the products which Turkish companies are capable to produce and which potential customers to which Turkish companies are capable to serve depending on the capability analysis and the potential of the markets, in order to contribute the Turkey's Strategic Services capacity, ecosystem and market development.

BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE Strategic Services Program will examine which institutions would lead the determined sectors and to what extend the public-private partnership will be important for the development of this sector and will try to find answer in which sectors the advantages can be used which are provided by manpower and geography of Turkey while try to find answers especially regarding where our country should be positioned in Strategic Services sector.

Within the scope of this Program; the multidimensional specific studies and activities which comparatively examines the Strategic Services Strategies/documents and markets of the countries such as England, China, France, Germany and Japan, and in which the ideal strategy option for Turkey is presented shall be analyzed.

Main Theme
Development of Vision, Strategy, Ecosystem and Market through the International Comparison

Development/Inventory of Strategic Services R&D
Strategic Services Sources Ecosystem
Strategic Services Governance and Regulation
Strategic Services Human Resource
Strategic Services and Security
Sectorial Analysis and Classification of Global Strategic Services Market
Analysis of Leading Turkish Firms and Product Matching
Cooperation and Competition through International Comparison
Diplomacy of Strategic Services


To Develop Social Awareness towards Strategic Services

- To increase the awareness of youth about the professions of future and to forward them towards these professions

- To increase awareness about strategic services

- To develop forecasting approaches for sub-branches of such professions

Planning the Workforces and Professions of Future

- To determine the workforce and professions that will meet the current and future needs of the sectors determined upon the studies carried out within this program.

- Detailed assessment of the workforce and professions of future towards finding out the skills required for these professions

- To determine the professions for strategic services and to plan alternative education and employment fields for the people who want to be qualified for this profession

- To develop the occupational skills of the people who will develop and support “strategic services“ which will be needed by the labor market in the near future.

Focusing on the Use of Strategic Services in Defense and Security Fields

- To establish a center where institutions and individuals from all over the country can apply for the implementation of education and information activities towards “strategic services“

- As the center to be established will have a crucial importance for achieving the development in a better way, it shall be established as an institute where orienting and sector based trainings can be provided.

- To provide R&D funds and facilities for primary topics determined for researchers in this center which will be supported by the government or authorities.

Focusing on Usage of Strategic Services in Education

- To lead the establishment of a strategic services -focused “data collection policy“ for the stakeholders in education

- To contribute the development of products/services which will support the teachers at preparation, process and evaluation of strategic services-themed content during the teaching activities.

- To collect data about the individual learning for personalization of education on every aspect of the development of strategic services

- To focus on the export of education, to determined the areas in which Turkey has strength in the education sector, to determine in which regions our country can be competitive in the global market and to create of data banks through analyzing potential contacts

- To ensure all educational institutions in Turkey to cooperate in order to give more accurate decisions through accessing more robust and reliable sources for analysis and information instead of performing their researches individually with high costs and lack of quality

To Arrange Trainings to Train Experts in Strategic Services

- To determination and develop the required trainings for the sectors which will be determined in accordance with the program studies

- To create awareness among the researchers in universities about strategic services field

- To perform studies towards establishment of supporting elements for Strategic Services

- To perform studies towards training assistant and intermediate personnel required for the development of services and applications which will be used by the specialists in the sub-fields of strategic services.

- To contribute to the curriculum studies towards the use of the content based supportive fields and contents on Strategic Services in universities including the relevant applications in the related departments, especially at the undergraduate level

- To provide trainings for researchers from different disciplines (politics, science, technology, sociology, culture, history etc.) to ensure them to use Strategic Services and outcomes in their researches.

- To arrange informative studies on Strategic Services’ application areas

- To provide informative studies for entrepreneurs about the applications of Strategic Services

Sectorial Review and Classification of Global Strategic Services Market

- To divide the global Strategic Services market into sectors, and to determine potential the sector through analyzing the related global markets and stakeholders

- To analyze and classify the sub-sectors and branches in the strategic services market primarily regarding the R&D, education, application, software, hardware, production, service etc. sectors


The competition has become even more challenging in today's world due to rapid increase in production. Many manufacturers face serious difficulties to access their customers. Today, marketing has gone far beyond the promotion and advertising activities performed for the products. The primary objective of all businesses and organizations is to be an actor in the national and global markets or to promote itself. This field show a rapid growth in recent years as a service sector. All businesses that provide services to global markets or want to enter the global market; have more tendency to receive services regarding new approaches such as brand, pricing policy, customer, data and market analysis, return on marketing investments, management of customer life cycle, from the companies which provide professional service.


Education has always been one of the most important areas throughout human history and its’ importance continues to increase even today. In fact, education has also become an industry and started to provide significant amount of income for many countries.

Management of Economic Development, Management of Human Development, Policy Management, Governance

The demand of the services which are provided by the management consultancy companies increases rapidly as both the public and private sector required consultancy for “non-governmental“ institutions and entrepreneurs which aim to achieve effective and sustainable growth of the societies to which they provide services through benefiting from the power of markets and commercial business models related to economic development, human development, policy management and similar studies.

Digital Transformation (Private and Public)

The usage of technology increases in critical operations which aim to reduce costs and improve service quality, in line with the increasing role of technology in our daily life. The companies, private & official institutions will be in an infinite cycle of digital transformation as the technology improves. The need for specialized organizations which are able to provide professional services in this field, is rapidly increasing as all the developed new technologies are used and applied in this field very quickly as a result of the competition.

Military Consultancy

Military consultancy is a strategic service sector since ancient times. Today, the demand for private consultancy firms that can meet the demand arising from the conflicts between disciplines and the adaptation of new doctrines is growing rapidly in today's world in accordance with the rapid development of technology.

Mergers and Acquisitions,

As a result of the globalization effect, many businesses aim to become an actor in the global market and to enter the markets through acquisitions or mergers with other companies in different countries in order to increase their competitiveness. This sector has rapidly developed since the beginning of 2000s and today there are many institutions which provide services in this field. As it has a very critical importance to perform the right analysis and the right acquisitions or mergers for the success of the strategy, the number of companies is increasing which provide services regarding research and analysis in this field. These companies deepen and develop their operations through specializing on the sectors that they deal with.

Advanced Engineering Consultancy

It covers the Production, Technology, Application and Construction applications in Space, Nuclear, etc. fields


The concept of money improves itself in line with the developments in our world. It was transformed into paper money and digital money over time while it was used to be gold. During this transformation phase, the financial sector revises itself sharply and creates new and complex financial structures. It hard to follow these complex structures even for the people in this sector; and it directly affects trade, economic development and many parameters. Funding is the biggest problem for many improvements and developments. The demand for companies that follow the newly developed systems in the finance sector and which have an expertise and interaction network to perform required operations in such complex systems, is increasing both in the public and private sector. Even public authorities receive such services from private consultancy companies in order find fund sources in this complex structure. As long as the trade exists, this sector will continue to develop in line with the technological developments through adding new systems to existing complex system. The volume of the service procurement demand will continue to increase accordingly.

Analysis of Turkish Companies that will Lead the Sector and Product Matching

- To determine in which sectors of this market Turkey would be a significant actor

- To determine the leading institutions of these sectors

- To determine the competent universities and institutions regarding R&D studies towards these sectors

- To determine the required certificates and processes for the sector

- To determine which services can be rendered by these institutions

- To match the services and leading companies which are determined for these sectors

Informative Studies for Adaptation of the Strategic Services in the Social and Political Life

** Right Persons

It is also very important for achieving the goal of this program to ask right questions as well as asking the right questions to the right people. It shall be ensured that the ecosystem shall include all stakeholders in order to analyze the global trends accurately and to determine the right options for Turkey. Therefore, it is a priority to ensure the inclusion of the representatives of the private sector, who create and experience this transformation, besides ensuring all stakeholders such as academicians, public and non-governmental organizations etc.

*** Right Questions

It is one of the most important steps of this Program to identify and ask the right questions. Targets of this program towards achieving “holistic and holistic results“ and maintaining the focused approach, are highly dependent on asking the right questions.

- Does Turkey “really“ need a Strategic Service Strategy? If so, why?

- What should be the scale of Turkey's Strategic Service target? Should it compete globally or compete just with equivalent countries?

- On which Strategic Service areas should Turkey focus? Should it develop and extend only Strategic Service projects and programs? Should it produce and commercialize software, hardware and materials used in Strategic Service education? etc.

- What should Turkey aim for raising its’ labor force? Should our education system train experts who develop Strategic Services, or should it train people who will be employed in the ecosystem created by Strategic Services sector?

- If Strategic Services will be developed, what should be done in order to proceed in compliance with national and international ethics and law and in order to establish required institutional infrastructures?

- What is the current situation of the system, technique and methodology in Turkey which are required to develop Strategic Services beside the software, hardware, materials, products and services?

- In which critical sectors the Strategic Services would increase the efficiency exponentially? Which steps should be taken if production and development studies are initiated towards these sectors?

- Which export markets should be targeted if Turkey produces projects and products by using Strategic Services?

- How to deal with prejudices and errors in the field of Strategic Services? Is there a model about these issues which can be presented by Turkey for the world?

- Should it be considered in the Strategic Services strategy to develop policies for the sectors where the employment rates will decrease as the Strategic Services usage expands?

- How Strategic Services education would be delivered at universities?
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BRAINS2 TÜRKİYE is a brand/initiative with multi-programs based in Turkey which develops market, ecosystem and capacity in the ‘Biotechnology’, ‘Robotics’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Nanotechnology’, ‘Space’ and ‘Strategic Services’ fields. The programs planned through identical visions and strateg...;

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