1 - 2nd World Turkic Forum has been held in Istanbul between 3rd and 5th of April 2013 in a sincere and creative ambiance.

The main theme “Turkic Diaspora and Turkic World Vision 2023“ has been in the focus of 2nd World Turkic Forum which was organized by Turkish Asian Centre for Strategic Studies (TASAM). Opinion leaders, presidents of non-governmental organizations and Think Tanks, academics, national parliament members from Turkey and participant countries, Minister of Public Administration in the Republic of Kosovo, Former Parliamentary Speaker and Prime Minister of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the other protocol representatives, Secretary General of TURKPA, Secretary General of Turkic Council, Secretary General of TURKSOY, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities of Turkish Prime Ministry, Representatives of observer diplomatic missions, experts and media representatives have participated to the meetings from 50 states where Turkic languages have been spoken and Turkic diasporas exist.

In this framework, the issues of “Turkic World and Turkic Council 2023 Vision“, “Turkic Diasporas 2023 Vision“, “Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities Vision 2023“, “Turkic States in their 30th Anniversary of Independence and their Visions“, “Vision 2023, Next Century’s Strategy?“,“ Turkic Diaspora 2023 Perspective in Global Public Diplomacy“, “Armenian Diaspora Vision 2015 and Turkic Diaspora Vision 2023“, “Independent Turkic Republics in their 20th Year: Political, Economical, Social, Cultural Problems“, “ Balance of Relations between Turkey and Turkic Republics and New Pursuits“, “ Armenian Issue, Turkey-Armenian Relations and 2015“, “Human Rights and Democracy Perspectives from Turkic World“, “Energy Security, Energy Supply and Opportunities and Risks in Turkic World“, “Security Policies and Turkic World“, “Civic Society Initiative and Cooperation in Turkic World“, “The Process of Diasporazation of European Turks and its effect on Turkish Foreign Policy“ and “Xenophobia, Social Exclusion and Turkic Diaspora“ have been discussed. Also, the opinions have been exchanged related to the fields where the cooperation between the countries which are the participants of World Turkic Forum and Diaspora could be realized on these matters.

2 - During the Forum, participant persons and institutions have taken the decision to widen the activities that have been carried out under the Forum’s institutional structure for the benefit of both their countries as well as Turkic World. It has been decided that this decision and the details that are mentioned in the declaration to be presented to all related public authorities including; high level officials of Turkic Council, Meetings of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, summits of state and government presidents, Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry; Presidency for Turks Abroad and Relative Communities. Also the importance of participation and support of public authorities and internationally influential NGOs to this process has been mentioned.

3 - Cooperation between institutions, establishing and maintaining a common communication network which was mentioned in the final declaration of 1st World Turkish Forum, accelerating the activities of “Wise Persons Board“ and “Network Contact Group“, continuing contribution of the forum to international institutions and organizations have been strongly confirmed.

4 - As the year 2015 approaching; it has been agreed to leave defensive approaches and adopt initiative policies to combat the so-called Armenian Genocide claims and activities of Armenian lobbies. Therefore it is necessary to prepare and release a “Strategy Document“ to the public by the related authorities; and the roles of all sides and possible contribution of all parties should be defined in this document. At this point, beside the current hard power elements, collective soft power elements of Turkic World, particularly of Turkey and Azerbaijan, should be activated. In order to prevent time pressure; progressive policies that would continue till 2023 should be developed. In order to combat the laws that are related to so-called Armenian Genocide; adopted by various countries’ parliaments, judicial initiatives should be taken into consideration. Within the guidance of public diplomacy coordination, the result based studies should be conducted by Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Universities and Armenian Research Institutions.

5 - It has been determined that Turkic Diaspora can take important roles in resolving global and regional crisis. Therefore it is necessary that Turkic intellectuals and diplomats should play a directive role. At this point new middle-class in Turkic Diasporas should be included to the process and new approaches should be created for them. Turkic people of Diaspora should get rid of their introversion and they should gain extroversive visionary qualities. While doing this; they should act together with the NGOs and intellectuals of their inhabitant countries against racism, discrimination and Islamophobia. Accordingly they should contribute to the countries’ governments that they live in by political participation and representation.

6 - The issues of Nagorno-Karabakh and Khojaly Massacre by Armenians have been discussed during the forum and it has been agreed that Turkic World particularly Azerbaijan should pro-actively bring this massacre to the agenda of world.

7 - Considering the fact that the status of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of the most prominent issues in Turkic World, It has been strongly suggested that the name “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus“ which is accepted by many international organizations, should be included to the Turkic Council and other similar institutions.

8 - Considering the fact that natural disasters and humanitarian crisis that take place where Turkic people live; do not make an overwhelming impact in Turkic World media institutions, it is necessary to conduct activities that would attract the attention of newspaper and television editors. Also communication faculties should be oriented towards this issue and it has been accepted to hold special sessions at national and international events including 3rd World Turkic Forum. The issues that were mentioned in the “Turkic Languages Speaking Countries Media Forum“ which was organized by Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry General Directorate of Press and Information on 21-22 December 2010 in Ankara; should be supported especially in order to create a “Turkic Languages Speaking Countries Media Union“.

9 - Today many countries removed visa requirement among themselves. The visa requirement processes are still applied between Turkic countries which harms the common national consciousness and scientific, touristic, cultural and commercial activities between Turkic countries. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that the visa requirements between Turkic countries should be immediately removed. Also the importance of Free Trade Agreements and the establishment of networks that would strengthen scientific and technological cooperation have been mentioned.

10 - Turkic World national missions/institutions with regards to “Development Cooperation and Diasporas“ should not conduct same projects at the same time and for high proficiency a common and flexible management model should be created.

11 - Besides the current forum website, it has been decided that in order to provide communication between different Turkic dialects; a social communication network should be established.

12 - It has been decided to organize a conference about the issues of science, technology and innovation within the coordination of languages in Turkic World. In order to lead up the way for innovations in Turkic World, it has been suggested to benefit from the qualified human resources especially in diaspora. Considering the fact that the development in science and technology affect cultural elements; it has been emphasized that scientific and technological activities should be attributed to Turkic cultures.

13 - It has been decided to grant a “Turkic World Award“ in science, culture, art, technology, strategy, etc, within the body of the forum.

14 - It has been emphasized that being host to annual World Turkic Forum is open to any Turkic country. General Secretary of World Turkic Forum which is based in Istanbul will be strengthened both financially and institutionally.

15 - In the opening session of the Forum, The Governor of Edirne Hasan DURUER has suggested that the 3rd World Turkic Forum to be hold in Edirne. It has been decided to hold the next Forum on 28-30 May 2014 in Edirne, Turkey.

5 April 2013, Istanbul

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II. Dünya Savaşı sonrasında ABD ve Birleşik Krallık tarafından temeli atılan Beş Göz ittifakı, Birleşik Krallık, ABD, Kanada, Avustralya ve Yeni Zelanda arasındaki teknik istihbarat iş birliği mekanizmasıdır. Sorumluluk sahaları açıkça beyan edilmese de üye ülkelerin dünyanın belirli bölgelerine yön...;

Günümüzde terörizm, son yıllarda kaydettiği gelişim ve almış olduğu görünüm açısından uluslararası barış ve güvenliğe ciddi bir tehdit oluşturmaktadır. Tarihsel açıdan terörizm, 19. yüzyılın sonlarında Batı dünyasında yaygın şekilde görülmesine karşın, 1970’li yılların başında terör çalışmaları sosy...;

Çin’in Wuhan kentinde ortaya çıkan ve küresel düzeyde yayılmaya bağladığı kısa zaman içinde tüm dünya ülkeleri için ciddi bir tehdit haline gelen Kovid-19 salgını Dünya Sağlık Örgütü tarafından pandemi olarak ilan edilmiştir. Küresel, bölgesel ve ulusal sağlık ve istihdam sistemlerinin sürdürülebili...;

Kolluk Gözetim Komisyonu; Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü, Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı ve Sahil Güvenlik Komutanlığı personeli ile vatandaş arasındaki ilişkilerin dönüşümünde büyük bir rol oynamaya aday bir kurum olarak 2019 yılında faaliyetlerine başlamıştır.;

Son yetmiş yılda adından en çok söz ettiren sözcüklerden birisi kuşkusuz yapay zekâdır. Özellikle son yıllarda yaşanan gelişmeler yapay teknolojilerin hem daha görünür olması sağlamış, hem de kamuoyu tarafından bilinebilirliği artırmıştır. Yapay zekâ teknolojilerinde asıl devrimsel değişikliğin, bu ...;

Avrupa Birliği (AB) ile Afrika Birliği üyesi ülkelerin liderleri, 17 – 18 Şubat tarihlerinde Brüksel’de bir araya gelecek. İki kıta arasındaki ilişkilerin değerlendirileceği ve önümüzdeki döneme ilişkin yeni bir yol haritasının belirleneceği zirvenin gündeminde yatırım desteği, göç, güvenlik, aşı ür...;

İstanbul Güvenlik Konferansı 04-05 Kasım 2021 tarihlerinde geniş bir katılımla icra edilmiştir. 7’ncisi yapılan konferansın medya sponsorluğunu “Global Savunma Dergisi” üstlenmiştir.;

“Doğadan öğrenme ve tatbik etme” olarak tanımlanan Biyomimikri olgusunun inovasyondan dönüşüme, verimlilikten sürdürülebilirliğe, tasarımdan sanata, araştırmadan geliştirmeye, üretimden pazarlamaya, eğitimden sağlığa, ulaşımdan savunmaya ve yönetimden stratejiye yaşamın her alanına dair yüksek nitel...;

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Türk Asya Stratejik Araştırmalar Merkezi TASAM, Dr. Cengiz Topel MERMER’in uzun araştırmalar sonunda hazırladığı “TEKNOLOJİK ÜRETİMDE BAĞIMSIZLIK SORUNU; NTE'LER VE ÇİPLER ÜZERİNDE KÜRESEL REKABET” isimli stratejik raporu yayımladı

Türk Asya Stratejik Araştırmalar Merkezi TASAM, Dr. Cengiz Topel MERMER’in uzun araştırmalar sonunda hazırladığı “MYANMAR; Büyük Oyunun Doğu Sahnesi” isimli stratejik raporu yayımladı

İngiltere’nin II. Dünya Savaşı sonrasında Hint Altkıtası’ndan çekilmek zorunda kalması sonucunda, 1947 yılında, din temelli ayrışma zemininde kurulan Hindistan ve Pakistan, İngiltere’nin bu coğrafyadaki iki asırlık idaresinin bütün mirasını paylaştığı gibi bıraktığı sorunlu alanları da üstlenmek dur...

Gündem 2063, Afrika'yı geleceğin küresel güç merkezine dönüştürecek yol haritası ve eylem planıdır. Kıtanın elli yıllık süreci kapsayan hedeflerine ulaşma niyetinin somut göstergesidir.

Geçmişte büyük imparatorluklar kuran Çin ve Hindistan, 20. asırda boyunduruktan kurtularak bağımsızlıklarına kavuşmuş ve ulus inşa sorunlarını aştıkça geçmişteki altın çağ imgelerinin cazibesine kapılmıştır.

Türkiye ile Avrupa Birliği (AB) ilişkilerinin bugünü ve geleceğinin ele alındığı Avrupa Birliği Sempozyumu, Türk Asya Stratejik Araştırmalar Merkezi (TASAM) ile Türk Avrupa Bilimsel ve Eğitimsel Araştırmalar Vakfı (TAVAK) işbirliğinde 02 Şubat 2018’de İstanbul Taksim Hill Otel’de gerçekleştirildi.

Soğuk savaşın ardından, “yeni dünya düzeni“ olarak adlandırılan dönem, hegomonik bir güç olarak beliren ABD’nin “büyük vaadi“ ile başladı: “Demokrasiyi dünyada yaygınlaştırmak“. Bu “büyük“ vaad, yoksulluk, adaletsizlik ve şiddet dolu bir dünyayı kurmak biçiminde gerçekleşti ve iki “siyasi/askeri“ ar...

1 - İKT Üyesi Ülkeler Düşünce Kuruluşları Forumu 28 - 30 Ocak 2010 tarihleri arasında İstanbul’da yapıcı ve samimi bir ortam içinde cereyan etmiştir.