World Muslim Youth Summit And Exhibition | POWER 2017 Khartoum Declaration


World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition (POWER 2017); has been held on 07-09 April 2017 in Khartoum, capital of Sudan with the joint cooperation of Organization of Islamic Cooperation...


World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition (POWER 2017); has been held on 07-09 April 2017 in Khartoum, capital of Sudan with the joint cooperation of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), World Islamic Forum (WIF), International University of Africa, Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM), National Committee of Turkish Youth NGOs and some of Foreign NGOs from different countries. POWER 2017 was implemented with the participation of a good number of countries like, from Australia, North America, South America, Asia and Europe countries. A highly productive Summit and Exhibition was held in a friendly environment, mainly in the context of events organized by young participants.

Sudan hosted for the first time with the participation of more than seven thousand persons and representative of the Sudanese President, Ministers, Parliamentarians, Representatives of the institutions of the OIC; Participants from many different countries, NGOs, private sector, diplomatic missions, think tanks, international integrations, observer organizations and academics with media representatives, researchers, experts, writers, artists, athletes as participated highlights the powerful and famous young Muslims in the world.

All national and international actors, especially the World Islamic Forum and the International University of Africa, will be gratitude now and in future as well for this historical beginning.

The Summit, which was held for the first time on a global scale, ambitious and successful Muslim youth, intellectuals, thinkers, wing leaders and youth-oriented NGOs and think tanks, experience and ideas to be institutionalized as the main platform in which they share their fixation, opinions and suggestions;

1. Given the global trends, micro-nationalist movements create a serious threat to the national integrity of all countries, economic, military and political inefficiencies make difficulties in the regional integration processes; technological and strategic developments remove predictability for medium and long-term strategies. In the global economy, the day-to-day "production-consumption-growth" formula has lost its function ability. Neoliberalism has been proved that the prosperity of welfare and the promises of unlimited freedom cannot be realized.

At the global level, the resource and sharing crisis has confronted Islamic countries with great challenges. Water, energy, and food crises are near at the door. Technological, political, military, and social developments expressed in terms of concepts like Social media, "Industry 4.0", "Society 5.0" and soft/intelligent power are changing the state nature and bringing the traditional control and directional tools of the state under its function. The Islamic world is rapidly adopting the state apparatus to the emerging conditions, and in doing so, social, political and diplomatic projects; merit, intellectual, license, continuous renewal, integration, are obliged to review in accordance with the principles of cooperation and solidarity.

2. In the conflict that began with the Arab Spring period, each country chose to implement its own priorities, lost the ability to develop medium and long-term strategies, and deepened the unfounded competitive environment without economic or political reasoning. Through the construction of interdependence with the political and economic interest accountancy of the baseless competition, and with the awareness that the supremacy belongs only to the tacit, it is necessary to transform it into a constructive bid and stabilize it in the region as soon as possible.

3. In Islam, true and absolute power belongs only to the Almighty. A person who has a gentle grace has to act with his consciousness. Justice cannot be established with power that is not obtained from a legitimate way. On the other hand, it cannot be said that actors who are not strong enough cannot practice justice. The good representation of our own civilization is due to the right balance between power and justice.

4. Similarly, the concepts of justice and freedom are closely related. Justice requires responsibility and it prevents negligence of others freedom. On the contrary, it is unthinkable that the non-free is fair. For this reason, maximum attention should be paid to the equilibrium of authority and responsibility from the teenage years and maximum attention should be paid to the balance of the responsibility.

5. The current borders of Islamic countries have been largely determined by colonial powers. Relations between Islamic countries have also remained in the shadow of great power politics and the people have become alienated from each other. In order to increase the acquaintance among Muslims living in different countries by using language and color differences as means of social contacts, such as student exchange, trade, and tourism should be used and acquaintance should be increased.

6. The young population is particularly important in increasing awareness and interaction between Islamic countries with an under-26% population of 56% and thus young population. The youth, who are confident, humble, freed from reductivism in science and art and the youth, adopted peacefully as a principle caring its own values, will contribute to not only Islamic world but also to the future of all of the world.

7. Youth; A period of weakness between two weaknesses (childhood and old age). Besides, lack of experience, emotional intensity, excitement as well as external factors such as perception and expectation management are serious obstacles for the young people to use their power properly. Islamic countries have to develop effective policies to training, expectations, and perceptions of youth correctly.

8. The social environments created by NGOs have vital importance in the development of young people's experiences with power and justice balance. The role of NGOs, striving for the union and future of countries is undisputed at the point of creating healthy environments for youth.

9. Social media causing estranging of young people from the society and it leads to cultural monotype by removing traditional social spaces, interaction and communication. Indeed, Social media is a tool. It can be used for the right purposes in issues such as psychology, sociology, statistics and mapping in consumption areas, development of expectation/perception management strategies in this framework. The concept of "strategic communication", the center of NATO's new security concept, is a guide to what can be done with social media.

10. Those who do not love their own country are less likely to establish a healthy connection with a wider world. For this reason, the strengthening of the family and kinship ties of young people has to be developed as well as patriotism and attachment to their countries.

11. Muslims cannot create their own society and state imaginations by sacrificing original values. Otherwise, it may be a matter like rebuilding of same situation which they criticize. On the other hand, Muslims do not have a right to ignore the requirements of the times in the context of sociological and political new situations brought about by the possibilities of education and communication. In this framework, it is necessary to be established meaningful links between facts such as nation-state and democracy and original values.

12. The breaking of your youth's hope leads to either a complete rupture and laziness or radicalization. For this reason, it is important to concentrate on discourse, promising hope, vision and providing options but not plant hopelessness in youth.

13. One of the most important challenges for Muslims in the modern society is the women issue transition of traditional society and production. Islamic countries have to develop a meaningful and lasting vision for Muslim women in modern production and consumption patterns, employment, urbanization processes and social structure without ignoring their original values.

14. A platform for collecting and evaluating information about student host institutions in Muslim countries should be established and the idle capacity at these institutions should be assessed for short- and medium-term student circulation.

15. World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition; was launched as a sub-initiative of the World Islamic Forum with the Muslim Women's Summit and Fair held in Malaysia in September 2016. It is estimated that these meetings, which are aimed to institutionalize as a global network, will contribute to the formation of public opinion in the Islamic world, the development of macro policy and the adaptation of the Islamic world to new developments. The institutionalization of the Summit and Fair and the repetition in another country each year were accepted by a vote of unity.
09 April 2017 Khartoum
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