World Islamic Forum (WIF) 7th Meeting Of Eminent Persons Group Final Report (DRAFT)


7th Meeting of Eminent Persons Group of World Islamic Forum held on 22 September 2016 in the margin of World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur....


7th Meeting of Eminent Persons Group of World Islamic Forum held on 22 September 2016 in the margin of World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic Countries was advised to be organized in first, confirmed in second one, first one held on 1 March 2012 in Baku, Second meeting held on 25 March 2013 in Cairo, Third one held on 28 October 2013 in Baghdad, ISTTP (Islamic Countries Think Tanks Platform), fourth one held again in Baghdad on 20 February 2014, fifth of Meeting of Eminent Persons Group on 8 March 2015 in Islamabad was held in the margin of sixth Think-tank Forum of the Islamic Countries it is decided that forum’s name is changed to “World Islamic Forum WIF“ and committee’s name is changed to “Eminent Persons Group - EPG“. Decisions have announced in Islamabad Declaration. 7th Meeting of Eminent Persons Group of World Islamic Forum held on 22 September 2016 in the margin of World Muslim Women Summit and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.


Prof. Shamseldin Zeinal ABDIN, ACDESS, Sudan

Prof. Zaleha KAMARUDDIN, Rector of International Islamic University of Malaysia

Princess Basmah Bint Saud, Princess of KSA

Dr. Hatem EL KADI, IDSC President, Egypt

Dr. Abdul Aziz SAGER, Gulf Research Center, UAE chairman

Dr. Abdussettar DERBISALI, Head of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan

Ambassador Dr. Mostafa DOLATYAR, IPIS, Iran

Senator Müshahid Hussaın SYED, IPRI, Pakistan

Ambassador Humayun KABIR, BEI, Bangladesh

Elnur ASLANOV, Chief of Political Analysis and Inf. Provision Dep. in the Administration of the President of the Rep. of Azerbaijan


Süleyman ŞENSOY, Chairman of TASAM

Ambassador (R) Murat BİLHAN, Vice Chairman of TASAM

Ambassador (R) Prof. Dr. Ali Engin OBA, Advisor of Chairman of TASAM

Ambassador (R) Dr. Azmy KHALIFA, Academic Advisor of RCSS

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sedat AYBAR, Advisor of Chairman of TASAM

Dr. Muharrem Hilmi ÖZEV, Secretary General of WIF & ISTTP

Osman ORHAN, Director of WIF & ISTTP


01. Introduction

02. Topics about World Muslim Women Summit and Exposition

03. Suggestions about 2nd World Muslim Women Summit which will be held in Turkey in 2017

04. Suggestions and Remarks about Tasks and Functions of the Eminent Persons Group

05. Suggestions about the 8th World Islamic Forum

06. Suggestions and Remarks about the Islamic World

07. Other Issues


Topics about World Muslim Women Summit (WMWS)

World Muslim Women Summit, organized in Malaysia, has been the largest global event about women. WMWS, first one was organized in Malaysia is needed to be hand over to other Islamic countries and turn into increasingly successful series of events. WMWS has great importance in the frame of activities of WIF. It has an importance to be a host for future activities of WMWS, the second one will be held in Turkey in 2017, in other Islamic countries by considering demographic and geographic features. Events as WMWS are being able to be organized with great efforts and due to support and close interest of public authorities and international organizations as OIC. Primarily Eminent Persons Group and all relevant persons have to make great effort in order to describing these organizations and similar ones before relevant authorities and to organize meetings that can be approved well according to Islamic World and international public opinion.

Discussions about women rights started in West because of problems occurred through modernization. Naturally, discussions are dominated by Western perspective. This situation created women rights mentality, marginalizing man and division of society is possible through man-woman axis. Though human nature causes the necessity of cooperation of man and woman. Women have rights as men. Thus women rights issue should be described through Islamic perspective and with an approach, determining man’s role, has to be developed.

Well-situated Islamic countries should provide education to girl students of other Islamic countries’. Currently Malaysia provides scholarship to schoolgirls from Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan. It is advised to enlarge program as encompassing Turkey, Iran and Gulf Cooperation Council though secretariat stays in Malaysia.

WMWS activities have a new initiative feature at the level of Islamic World. This initiative has importance especially in two directions. First one, whole literature relevant to women problem is being produced by West. This prevents to find solutions that peculiar to Islamic countries and to comprehend dimensions peculiar to Islamic countries. WMWS enterprise and suitable activities in this frame, will contribute to this issue in the frame of Islamic world’s own dynamics. Second one, to actualize cultural and economic globalization activities on women in globalization era. Because, man or woman all human is brought up by a woman. In the other hand efforts for extension of new consumption patterns required by globalization are woman centered. Therefore WMWS efforts is believed to contribute to give woman to her deserved peculiar position in Islamic World. Our regards as Eminent Persons Group have been offered to rector of International Islamic University of Malaysia Prof. Zaleha KAMARUDDIN, provided important contribution to the enterprise, and officials from Malaysian government.

It is needed to resolve researches on the women problem issues through slogans perspective, carry away from encomia appeal aimed to women and get into action. Particularly Islamic World, globe in general confronted with the threat of becoming monotype culturally. At this point role of women is at center. Whereas we have to put “oneness in plurality“ in practice not to becoming “monotype“ both in Islamic World and in the whole world.

Number of delegates from Turkey participating in WMWS is 135. Numerous organizations supported the process. Contributions required to be improved through quality and quantity. Works relevant to women problem have peculiar problems however works should be increased on account of importance of issue.

Some Islamic countries as Malaysia gained ground on women problem issue. The countries’, leading in researches of the problem, experiences should be shared.

Women are not just mothers; they can take every role in society from fighter pilot to teacher. Women’s role in music, culture, sports etc. activities and in every occupation has to be consolidated. If will be given chance to women, they will show and prove themselves. If half of average population is women, at the countries women are not able to be active enough, success can’t be a subject. One winged country can’t fly. We can’t develop as we use half of our potential.

Statistically, we see the Islamic countries at the bottom in the case of women participation. Participation of women at fields like security and health in measures of %30-%40 must be provided. Actually, main problem can be determined as incorrect education policies. Rate of undergraduate girls nearly reached at %70 in some Islamic countries though contribution of women has not grown enough in issues as peace building and development.

Early marriage, perspective of society to girls, violence against women is the most serious problems. Violence against women is a global problem and Muslim woman is affected from this problem in a way. Equal, just and rightness treatment to women has to be proved.

Serious parts of problems relevant to woman derived from comprehend the Islamic necessities properly in the process of transition from traditional era to modern era. At this context communication between woman organizations in Islamic world has to be strengthened.

OIC will assume to be a main coordination mechanism function for Islamic countries in this issue, foundations, as WIF and Al- Azhar University should provide utmost contribution.

Woman problem is a global problem that occurred under the enforcement of modern sociological circumstances and Islamic world is affected. Must avoid divisive and discriminator language for resolution and should be acted through the mentality of “love the created for the creator’s sake“.

Advices and Considerations about Activities of World Islamic Forum Eminent Persons Group

The more critical knowledge based civil structure is strengthened, will be easier to unify Islamic world and to resolve problems. In the level of WIF; Eminent Persons Group and WMWS, founded eight years ago under the protection of some official and international organizations as a common achievement of professionalism and idealism and as a civil initiative, was made great progress.

The Forum that main motion point is institutionalization of critical knowledge and boost of institutes at this context, and the maintenance of civilian feature of the other activities under the aegis of Forum are a living example for Islamic countries that remain behind in NGO activities. It should be considered that the most serious problem of civil initiatives in the case of continuity is financing. Facilitation of utilizing public resources along with improving civil consciousness in order to get over the financial problems has great importance.

Required efforts in order to make current works in WIF and other platforms more influential has to be discussed. Islamic Civilization hasn’t indicated a solution for issues introduced by modern age. An Islamic perspective must be developed for solutions of problems and it must be declared to world.

Activation of present mechanisms and development of new mechanisms are required to create a preferable environment that gives ability to discuss different ideas in Islamic World. Eminent Persons Group’s meeting to discuss problems once or twice in a year is not enough. Permanent communication mechanism must be formed and some way has to be found to use capacities of universities and NGOs efficiently. It is supposed to perform peculiar studies for every field and region and bring opinions of different countries up for discussion.

Calling professionals in different fields relevant to problems of Islamic World to activities of committee will be favorable because each member of EPG have an occupation in one field.

Official request from Afghanistan Government Foreign Ministry has reached to Forum Secretariat that asks to organize 8th WIF in historic cultural capital Herat. Only obstacle in front of Herat to host the organization is security problem. Even if Government of Afghanistan gave an assurance to take precautions at highest level, we concern that the participation will be limited. In the case of demand this event or one of events in future, will be organized in one of the countries at Central Asia or in the condition of impossibility will be favorable to organize in Turkey.

Qualified analysis’ in the frame of concepts as regional order, common security, power balance, harmony, alliance, hegemony, consolidation, historic traumas, rising powers, exterritorial powers needed to be made and be submitted to authorities.

A main title comprehends problems such as; poverty, environment and terror will be the main theme of 8th WIF. It is indicated that there are emergent issues for global politics and Islamic world like violence, radicalism, and terrorism and assignment of 8th WIF’s main theme at this frame in order to support decision makers.

Organizing a Youth Summit at the level of Muslim world discussed in previous EPG meetings and this offer discussed again hence decided to give weight to required works. “World Muslim Youth Summit“ should be organized with the theme of “Education, Science, Culture and Mass Media“. Sudan is keen to take initiative in this issue. Influence of structures such as education, religion, development, ethics, and politics on the Muslim youth locally and globally should be mentioned in order to bring peace and harmony in the Summit. Struggle with terrorism and radicalism should be considered in the Summit along with religion perspective and new trends in politics.

Advices and Considerations on Islamic World

Success of political mastermind depends on economic and military power. If fundamental shortages are going to remain, unification attempts of Muslim world will be a dream and will remain to be a romantic idea. None of powers that don’t act through justice principle can institutionalize or transform into synergy and be permanent. However, it is impossible to defend justice principle before raising the power capacity. If we don’t put a balance between power and justice, it won’t be possible to realize our civilization values that we pride. The aim of activities that are being made under the WIF is to provide contribution for transition from emotional dimension to realistic dimension.

Muslim World in our day is confronting several great problems primarily economic problems. Concept of Islam evokes negativity through the opinion of global community. It is duty of Muslims to save Islam’s beautiful name against stereotyped negative ideas. Muslim world needed to peculiar advices and critics against both to avoid negative opinions on Islam and to array its own condition. Ignoring the problems brought by modernity will not be useful to avoid the problems. Therefore it is a necessity to develop policy advises on essential issues and actualizing them exactly.

The nature of political and sociological life is changing globally with the technological improvements. Non-adaption to innovations generates serious problems. Nowadays, non-governmental actors’ activity is growing so in some fields of life states are just doing leadership.

By the change in state nature, borders of security is being redefined. Improvements in robotics and internet technology are threating the Muslim world in terms of working conditions. Big masses will confront with the threat of unemployment if precautions will not be taken. If technological transformation will not be managed favorable there will be liquidation of human resource in an enormous mean. Non-driver taxis and public transportation vehicles, working robots in darkness for 24 hours will reduce the demand of labor.

It can’t be ignored that regional powers in Middles East and North Africa are game changers that can affect the plans and activities of global actors in terms of politics and security. However actualizing this potential is only possible with regional coordination and cooperation.

Also, separationist streams such as micro-nationalism, terrorism and radicalism corrodes problem solving, decision-making, considering consequences capacities of regional and global powers. Therefore loss of time about this issue will generate intolerable negative consequences for countries in the region, first step must be taken.

New issues can’t be discussed properly in Muslim world because of weakness of critical thinking. Muslim countries are lack of capacity to make soft power a part of smart power.

Economic crisis and Islamic financial associations should be considered in the context of finance, goods and service sector and develop suitable policies. The works in future through the perspective of Islamic world in this field will affect future of the whole humans.

Government-public, religion foundation-public relations at the level of Muslim world and religion-morals-law relations and role of Islam on society and societal establishments are have to be reviewed in terms of global political and economic developments. Such as economic actors, multi-national companies, some influential international groups form the most important actors globally while they are the least democratic actors. Consequently these powers are too far away from considering benefits and represent opinions of people even the national governments. It should be discussed clearly that what is the Islamic values’ place and importance on authorities and peoples, the consideration of methods of intervention

At the solution of environmental problems, firstly an Islamic definition of “environment“ should be developed.

New methods and approaches on struggle on terrorism must be developed. Weakness and strong points of Muslim world have to be determined.

There should be given more weight to English and Arabic languages education in order to simplify studies on essential communication and religious texts in Muslim World.
22 September 2016, Kuala Lumpur
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