Turkey And New Approaches For Afghanistan



Comprehensive Peace in Afghanistan depends on to create a bounding leadership. Only militaristic strategy is not enough to solve the problem; what is needed is also an intensified regional cooperation and the support of neighboring countries. The support to the central government in peace, security, economic development, national compromise, establishing the law state, preventing the corruption must be intensified. Integration between the all components must be provided. In order to do that along with the neighboring countries the need for the support of the international organizations such as OIC and the countries who knows the region well as Turkey is important.

Giving greater role to the Neighboring Countries
Afghanistan is now a centre of international terrorism, radical religious movements, drug trafficking etc. and also it poses a threat towards to the Central and Southern Asia. Therefore providing the military-political stability and normal daily life in Afghanistan has a vital importance for the world but primarily for the neighboring countries. Neighboring countries have important positions to strength the efforts that are spent by international organizations such as UN and the NATO.

There are some important duties for the neighboring countries to finish the terror in Afghanistan. But naturally Pakistan is the most important country with its capabilities and also when it is assured; Pakistan may play an important role to solve the Afghanistan issue. Turkey has unique historic ties and relations with Pakistan as it has with Afghanistan. Therefore Turkey can contribute a lot in the point of Pakistan’s effort to solve the problem.

No one like to see his/her country occupied by foreigners. Afghani people are not happy with the occupation as well. However, the normalization of a country that has been destroyed by wars during decades and that has hit the bottom in terms of education, economy and domestic stability, depends on the friendly aid that would come from outside

OIC has been showing close interest to Afghanistan for over 30 years and that it has assigned a permanent representative to this country is important. Considering that five of Afghanistan’s six neighbors are members of OIC, then this necessity is underpinned as well. The cultural and identity-related incompatibilities that foreign powers met in Afghanistan, has made the situation more complicated and has led the issue towards a deadlock instead of a solution. It is important and critical that OIC engages more to the issue in overcoming the challenges. Should the government advisors and the foreign experts that would be assigned for bureaucratic levels be determined by OIC and should the role of the OIC member states within the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) be increased, then there would be a possibility to ease the solution to the problem.

Establishing the Privy Council with the the Tribe Representatives and the Ulama
In the current situation, the main issue in Afghanistan is the identity dispute between the people and the ones who wants to control the country with power politics. This kind of disputes which is not a problem under the normal circumstances might become critical during the crises and conflicts and might be provoked by all sides who are related the issue.

Reliable dialog and communication with society in Afghanistan is necessary to provide the normalization in the short term. It seems that if we consider the current situation it is an inescapable necessity to see the ulema and opinion leaders joining the political process.

Also in order to finish the war as soon as possible amnesty for all war sides should be kept in the agenda and the integration of separatists group with current administration should be provided with facility.

Turkey has gained experience on counter-terrorism in its territory and has paid a lot. It has also gained ground in solving this problem and it has experiences along with internal public opinion and its links and extensions in the abroad.

Turkey has developed close relations with Afghanistan since 1920 and also has historic, cultural, economic, political, strategic and military relations with both sides of 6+3 countries.

Turkey has race and cultural ties with Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan which are neighbors of Afghanistan. Also with Iran, it has intensive economic and cultural relations. Turkey has been pursuing friendly relations with Pakistan since its establishment. On the other hand Turkey has developing commercial and economic relations as well as political relations with China.

Turkey’s geographical and cultural position makes Turkey unique between the west and the east that it cannot be seen in any country to create special relations with both sides.

Turkey has been following the zero problems with neighbors in accordance with Ataturk’s “Peace in the world, peace in the country“ principle. With this policy, Turkey undertakes intensive diplomatic activity in many areas to promote the peace such as Israel-Palestine and Bosnia-Herzegovina/Serbia issues.

In this regard there is a strong belief that Turkey can be mediator between the combating sides in Afghanistan. Actually in recent years there are some signs that Turkey has been doing that. Turkey can understand west and east’s demands and sensibilities with the historical, political and cultural experiences from the relations of west and the east.

Turkey can also be moderator between the local components and western countries in Afghanistan and also can make them meet reasonable point with its diplomatic cultural experiences. To do that Turkey has all skills. Turkey plays a key role position to bring the peace and stability to the region and to cut down the war. This also creates an atmosphere to transport the commercial goods and energy sources freely which would be beneficial for the world.

Turkey has been practicing some activities in Afghanistan with official organizations as TIKA and with civil society organizations to gain the friendship of the Afghani people. These activities help Afghani people to ease their view of being skeptic against modernization efforts.

Turkey who has acceptable image in the eye of Afghani people thus may promote the peace process and may help the international organizations’ activities, such as UN and NATO, in Afghanistan because of its being member of the NATO and having top level and qualified relations with USA and the EU. Therefore in the future the pursuit of the constructive activities by Turkey in Afghanistan will not only important for Afghanistan, but also for all related sides and even for the world.

Turkish Military Forces in Afghanistan has never joined the combat operations and Afghani/Taliban forces never attacked the Turkish Forces. This example shows us the importance of Public Diplomacy and also importance of the proximity in identity in international relations.

Turkey has developed good relations with Afghanistan officially and with the groups during the war against USSR. In order to keep this good relations and not to ruin of Muslim Turk image in the eye of Afghanis, Turkey has put all the efforts and got positive feedback from these relations. On the other hand Turkey has good image in the western allies as much as it has with Afghanistan’s neighbors. Turkey has a capability to understand, to express and to direct the disclosure of clashing sides. If the enough credit is given to Turkey, it may play an important role to find middle way and to provide the peace.

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