State’s Immune System and the New World

Opening Speech

Dear Her Royal Highness Princess, Dear Minister, Dear Governors, Dear Ambassadors and all precious delegations be honoured from important defence institutions...

Dear Her Royal Highness Princess, Dear Minister, Dear Governors, Dear Ambassadors and all precious delegations be honoured from important defence institutions like from General Directorate of Security Affairs, Turkish Armed Forces, General Secreteriat of National Security Council, a representative from Qatar Armed Forces, two brigadier generals delegations under the presidency of a friend lieutenant general’s delegations, civil and formal participants in the international scope, diplomatical mission generals in our country, defence and security attaches, invaluable academicians… I express my highly gratitude towards all of you for your great participation.

There is no doubt to have intensive programme here. In accordance with the confirmations, we look forward to get spilling over into all conference rooms following next two days. I wish that Istanbul Security Conference be first step and beginning for Turkey has significant contributions for our country, all part of regions and the World. We will have a fresh start for regarding big trademark security conferences as in Munich, Geneva and Berlin. On the other hand, we will try reveal the main discrepancy of Turkey and Istanbul in every time. On that time, because of the fact that I am Chairman of TASAM, I need to owe many’ thanks. I really thanks a lot for Marmara University in order to have success of organization and cooperation, in particular I also wish my great thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emel Parlar and again Dr. Gonca Oğuz Gök for their academical contributions. I also thanks again for all assistants of Chairman, Board of Trustees and Mr. Tolga Sakman as academic coordinator of that project. I also thanks again all institutions include Promotion Fund of the Turkish Prime Ministry, Security General Directorate, ASELSAN, Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation for their financial and institutional contributions. Please accept my pardons for forgetting their names in regards to thanks as expression.

Next year, we attempt to compose the Istanbul Security Conference 2016 with all our related security institutions by more in consultations. I also refer that those starting that will be here is significant determinant for next year’s achievement. On that regards, I also repeat that we do need the knowledges, accumulation and guidance of related security institutions.

I just kindly would like to make horizontol tour related with agenda and content of conference. There is no doubt about it that we are celebrating the United Nations’ establishmment anniversary all over the World. The strong and great programmes had been performed about 50 countries. But, beyond these are celebration and felicitation in regards to the coming point in 70th year of the World, governability, security and welfare is directly proportionate to the coming point of United Nations. How managing to the carried regional and global risks have huge determination of United Nations’ future. In that regards, there are so many compliments and critics for positive and negative indicator all over the world in the person of UN. They have all rightfulness. I also think that the transformation of global system, global parameters are prominent determinant for UN’s what fate will be. Because of the fact that United Nations which a product of system that established post World War II, had been functioned until today. However, this system is making a crackle on a large scale and are living huge turbulence. In case of need regenerate of that system, we should have more discussion on what kind of World that we confront and what future UN have and I also believe that these discussions should contribute toward United Nations.

I would like to start to mention on reasons of present turbulence without so going backs. We are living a source crisis involve leading from USA and then Europe at the end of 2008. After until now Second World War, this crisis become apparent particularly on debt-money-debt relations instruments that are used, attribution value to stationary source, slogging on finding source of Western international system and living in grand source crisis. Immediately afterwards, we just enter into a turbulenced period. Many processes alike Arab Spring had developed. Indeed our basic challenge is a source of crisis.

Because of the fact that Western Powers are not able to predict that so many powers take a share so much in East and South, particularly China light out and take also so many shares from World financial pastry, they sink into a depression. In my opinion, I just have some prediction on that case as next five years – ten years, but ten years become a long period for, will show if those are inexplicable. We are also expressing so many times that competition between East and West use three instuments are shaped by whose called, in order to trying broach, “micro-nationalism“, “integration“, and “unpredictability“.

We are all together see the tragic ends of the micro-nationalism. Re-definition of the micro-nationalism is good to express. Not just for ethnical origin nationalism, is also good to mention that micro-nationalism is all kind of differencess on potential covenant is estimated and be implemented. We are living a process that the countries whose could not complete their nation building start to have disintegration, the countries those complete their nation building process is under threatment of their immune system and trying to weaker of their nation building institutionalization, the countries those complete their nation building and pass on to the federative structure, like in European Union and other organizations, pushing back to nation-state line and just after drag on micro-nationalist framework.

The second main instrument is integration. In case of the impossibilities to exist of so small state and candidate small states in international system, we could see the different forms of micro-nationalism and simultaneous integration moves are becoming quick from Latin America, all regions of Asia and Africa. As a matter of fact that I also totally agree that thesis called governing of the World by hands of regional or international organizations and then integration as a unique World state. If these structural transformation is successful will be with torment, if not, we should predict to cause a bigger torment. In our following cognitive threshold; there has to be acted toward which integration or integrations will keep healthy. Because of the fact that, since the World come to the point, there is no purpose be within single organization for nobody. On that point there have to be focused on the integration preferences correct priorities what will be any longer.

The third instrument is the “unpredictability“ parameter. We are just living a World that all companies, all lives even if the families change rapidly and in framework of the unpredictability. On that regards there has strong needs to have an implacable crisis management. One of the most sophisticated improvements is proceed the concept has called “failure in achievement“ in regards to the unpredictability. Because higher achievement that could not be arranged the proportion well could return back us as a large invoice. On that way, there has also need to get sophisticated mind in the matter of how much you should be successful. For example, the point that European Union come from is named as “failure in achievement“. Because they think to increase the standarts so much on the purpose of the World to heaven and think also belong to the sources that will be used for the World to heaven forever by their hands. But today in case of these sources shared by other countries, they could not maintain their own standarts and there are be in big trouble. In that regards, we should take into consideration to the concept of “failure in achievement“ as an important indicator.

The second title of my speech, over these three parameters is ''Global Parameters'', I will supply you them one by one...

Firstly ''liquidation of the middle class'', we see the liquidation of the middle class which was built in the west by Soviet leverage in recent 5 - 6 decades ; also we see the liquidation of middle class and labour class in a very fast rate by Chinese reverse leverage recent 10 years. We need to see that the countries which does not have middle class, will be confronted with the authoritarian regimes or will be dragged into chaos. That issue of dissolution of the middle classes will be decisive what will happen in terms of states about world economic balances and security.

The Second one is ''Climate Change''. Still, the developments that no country can actually manage individually and destructions occurred as a results by mankind. Also we observe that the consequences in this regard increasing exponentially and cause different negations in many areas.

Another problem is ''the problem of values''. Without going back too far. There were adventures of big states and huge empires until the early 20th century However, the world ruled by polarization of ideologies- Capitalism and Communism'' with World War II and after. There were too strong ideological concerns, relations and debates. But especially the process that began after the nineties create new world orders which only economic and horizontal relations is valid. In terms of values of the world, in the terms of moral-ethic principles we live in very problematic and tabulated term. This is the problem which common to person's life to the presence of state and international contacts. It is important to see that world has confronted with so serious value problems. For example, despite being world's second largest economy, although banking assets reach $ 31 trillion, -Our Chinese friends do not reproach for this- they couldn't reveal a model that shows priorities about ethic and moral principles to the world. Especially there must be contributions from new players to solve world's value problems then we can reveal healthy consequences.

Fourth Global Challenge; ''Production, consumption and Growth Relationship''. Continuous production, consume all of the continuous production and on account of formulation of an economic system that is not sustainable to grow and we entered the period that like a body that surviving by eating his organs. Even though the relation of the formula among production, consumption and the growth is considered impossible, if not changed, I see beneficial in saying that this formula might cause for an end of the world. Neither world can regenerate itself in this speed nor does mankind have capability to adopt himself to all his financial-moral values to this moving system. We are in a period which the relation between production, consumption and growth should be reinterpreted in terms of global impact.

As the last global influence; ''Improvements about Technology and World's transportation into fourth dimension in all fields''. We are entering the new era that even our intellectual infrastructure could not follow sometimes. For example, the debates about forth industrial revolution has already begun in recent years. If Turkey cannot harmonize with this process, it is likely that there will be %80 trashes in Machine Park in the coming years. Because the industrial revolution which we call the forth is a mechanism depicted as a conversation between devices and at the same time a power which can product more than ten thousands than the first industrial revolution.

Then, what is left in our hands? I have always depicted the state in this way; State is digestion system which is invisible. Namely, the aspects of military, police and with this, the aspect of the teams and weapon and a bit of psychological side are a feature of persuade.

When the immunity system of the state collapses, neither police nor soldier nor its equipment become useless. I think that invisible immunity of the state should be kept strong. Because as we observe the states the immunity of which has collapsed they are in the way of losing their stabilization and the new ones around their ways. Most of the countries have got fire in their basements while they have got wedding in their top flats. Some of the countries change their flats while the fire approaches toward them because of the fact that they have a lot of flats. However the last flat will be reached one day. Destroying the flat formula based on the countries prudence, vision, foresight and perception. Improvement of states nature is a very good aspect of importance. The countries being aware of this issue are one pace front. But i think that i need to underline the states which cannot use 90% of countries' synergy with ideological polarization and those which cannot focus are likely to miss that train as well.

The other issue is ''Construction of Soft Power'' . Especially non-developed and developing countries direct their limited sources to built military service on a large scale. In fact the new concept of the world says that this at least should be decreased into half and should be arranged in a way that it should be equal to construction of soft power. Yet, according to what we say, construction of soft power does not only need to have plenty of civil societies, but also it needs in this sense ''if needed'' companied and a base which has been strategically well planned.

All the world need construction of soft power which moves well-balanced. At the same time it is a very important instrument which will help to come over value issues and prevent manipulative attempts. It seems that states and related public units should care about construction of soft power much more than they do. We see that firstly among the problems that we experience around us is no threat is caused by some other strong powers instead all is a cause of soft power and with this if needed the strong power. I repeat that the construction of soft power must be debated both on the aspect of non-stability and on continuing stability.

And another issue in my opinion all the countries should challenge for energy water and the safety of production and beside they should take national security papers on their first ranks. Because especially in Africa and in Asia now most of the powers are working on their scenarios in the field of energy product and the security of water. For example the water coming from Himalayas is a meter of two and half milliard people and it might be a reason of a war. When you read the news in the world very well energy and the safety of water the most important element of the countries sustainable authorities.

Another advise ''Ensuring Macro Target Integrity''. It is needed that principally policy and economic target and after these safety principles and defence principles should be arranged. I want to draw attention the macro in this sense. I assume that including this conference lots of enterprises will end up with few benefits.

Another issue ''Religion, Language, History and Geography''. Along with this is valid in our own territory, at the same time it is valid for one's own cultural area. This is valid for Africa and Latin America, as well. It is very wrong to think that these will be emerged from language religion history and geography. Developed countries should be considered that they might maximize the advantages of countries religion language history and geography aspects. At the same time this might cause so much non-stability when religion language history and geography are not directed well.

Lastly I want to the picked ''strategic communication''.

As you know NATO has renewed safety concept n a life scale and has established a new department. We are in such an area that strategic communication is depicted even in social media.

If there is ''communication'' in this, people understand it as a public relations but controlling and directing datas in the point of providing safety both in national and international area should be provided. All in this frame if we do not take needed precautions we might see Sykes picot in every area and our area is at risk as well. Thank you for listening and participating. During my speech I thank again Director General of Public Security. Thanks again,

With my best regard

( The opening speech of Mr. Süleyman Şensoy, Chairman of TASAM, on Istanbul Security Conference | 04.12.2015 | Istanbul )
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