Turkic World and Diaspora Meets in Istanbul

Dedicated to the memory of martyrs in Canakkale, Fourth World Turkic Forum gathers on April 23-25th in Istanbul. The Forum, with the main theme “Public Diplomacy, Media, Information“, will be attended by numerous representatives of Turkic world and diaspora.

Besides, while Turkic World Wise Persons Council will meet on April 23th, “Red Apple Awards“ for Turkic world will also be distributed.

Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Research (TASAM) brings together academics, statesmen, diplomats, journalists, civil society members and opinion leaders in a magnificent organization in Istanbul which is the homeland of civilization and tolerance.

Opening speeches of Fourth World Turkic Forum, which will be held in Istanbul Gorrion Hotel, will be delivered by Macedonia Minister of State Furkan Cako, Gagauzia President Mikhail Formuzal, Northern Cyprus of Turkish Republic Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy, Tourism, Culture and Sport Serdar Denktas, Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey Bulent Arinc, Chairman of Kazakhstan Turkish Academy Prof. Darhan Kidirali, Azerbijan Deputy Diaspora Minister Valeh Haciyev, Chairman of Iraqi Turkmen Front Ersad Salihi, leader of Jobbik, a Hungarian political party, (Movement for a Better Hungary) Gabor Vona, Chairman of TASAM Suleyman Sensoy and guest statesmen as well as officials of Turkish Republic.

TASAM Chairman Sensoy: “We need Canakkale spirit back“

The main difference of World Turkic Forum, which was institutionalized 4 years ago, Sensoy said “is, in addition to independent Turkic states, inclusion of Turkic diaspora and a strong intention for institutionalization. Sensoy added “It is aimed that, in parallel with the World Turkic Forum Strategic Vision Paper, as in the previous years, with the participation of members and non-members of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States as well as opinion leaders, diaspora institutionalization be strengthened. Sensoy stated that, apart from religion, language and geography in Turkic world and diaspora, Canakkale spirit is needed on the grounds of mutual dependence; in this context potential in public diplomacy, media and information to draw the framework of this consolidation is important.

Having expressed that Fourth World Turkic Forum is dedicated to the 100. anniversary of Canakkale victory and martyrs and will be a platform to discuss April 24th Armenian deportation, Sensoy said that interestingly, Canakkale victory and Armenian deportation are thought to have occurred in different times and places. However, both incidents took place in 1915 and in Ottoman land where Allied Forces attempted to occupy the country.

Sensoy said that there is only one day between the deportation which started with the shutdown of Armenian Committees and arrest of their 2345 officials, and landing of Allies in Gelibolu. He added “Loss of lives in Ottoman Empire during the World War I amounts to more than 3 millions. Statements of history professor Justin McCarthy during the Third World Turkic Forum which was held last year summarizes the situation: “Since 100 years someone has been looking for documents showing Ottomans murdering Armenians. We have thousands of documents. They demonstrate that Armenians committed genocide, not Turks. Ottoman archives are open to researchers, Armenian archives not.“

Fourth World Turkic Forum takes place in 2 halls.

The event will start on April 24th, Friday at 9.30, in Istanbul Gorion Hotel, following the Meeting of Wise Persons Committee of World Turkic Forum. After the opening session, it will continue in opposite halls. Between 11.00 and 13.00 in Hall A, “First Regional-Global Governance, Public Diplomacy, Media, Information“ and, in Hall B, “Transformation in State’s Nature, Expectation Management and Security, Public Diplomacy, Media and Information“ will be discussed.

Afternoon, in the third session (Hall A) “Public Diplomacy, Media, Information, New Perspectives for Turkic World and Diaspora – 1 (Local Governments – Civil Society – Media)“, the fourth session (Hall B) “Public Diplomacy, Media, Information, New Perspective for Turkic World and Diaspora – 2 (Private Sector, Universities and Academy Cinema, TV Broadcasting)“, fifth session (Hall A) “Tourism Culture, Publicity and Public Diplomacy“, sixth session (Hall B) “Perception Management in Turkic World and Diaspora (Socioeconomic and Cultural Integration)“ will be discussed.

On April 25th, Saturday, the closing day, the forum will deal with “Armenian Question in the 100. Year“ in Hall A and “Turkic World Student and Academics Exchange Programs“ in Hall B. The ninth and the last session will take place with the title of “Public Diplomacy, Media, Information- Local Governments Special Session“ in Hall A.

Special Canakkale Session in its Centenary

Dedicated to martyrs in Canakkale, Fourth World Turkic Forum will have a session titled as “1915-2015 / Canakkale Spirit in Turkic World in its Centenary“ The session will take place in Hall B. In the session which will be presided by Prof. Darhan Kidirali, President of Turkic Academy Ambassador Halil Akinci, Ambassador (R) Prof. Adil Akmetov, Prof. Ahmet Tasagil, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Prof. Dr. Gaybullah Babayarov from Uzbekistan, Assoc. Prof. Metin Bosnak, Advisor to President of International Sarajevo University, Prof. Kadirali Konkobayev, Kirghiz Turkic University will take part as speakers.

Forum will start at 14.00 and end with a closing session which will be presided by Ambassador (R) Prof. Ali Engin Oba, Advisor to TASAM Chairman.

“Red Apple Awards“ for Turkic World

In the final report of the Second World Turkic Forum which was held on April 3-5th 2013, it was decided that “Turkic World Award“ be introduced. Turkic World Red Apple Awards are regularly delivered since 2014 in order to honor successful individuals and institutions which strengthen and contribute to vision of Turkic World.

Red Apple Awards are distributed in such categories as “State“, “Special Award“, “Diplomacy“, “Business“, “Science“, “Culture“, “Art“, “Technology“, “Strategy“, “Sport“, “Public Diplomacy

The awards will be distributed during a ceremony on April 24th, 2015 Thursday between 18.30 and 20.30 in Gorrion Hotel.

During the ceremony, Nogai Turk Arslanbek Sultanbekov, known for his dombra music across the Turkic world, will have a performance.

Third Meeting of World Turkic Forum Wise Persons Council will be held in Istanbul

Upon the suggestion during the first World Turkic Forum, organized in October 2012, the first meeting of Forum’s Wise Persons Council had been held in April 2013 in Istanbul during the 2. World Turkic Forum. The second meeting had been held on May 28th 2014 in Eskisehir. (2013 Turkic World Capital)

The third meeting of the Council, which will be held on April 23th, Thursday, will include the following individuals: Ambassador Halil AKINCI, Advisor to Turkic World, Prof. Ahat ANDICAN, Faculty Member of Istanbul University and Former Minister of State, Prof. Dr. Faruk SEN, President of TAVAK, Prof. Nevzat YALCINTAS, 21. and 22. term member of TBMM, Prof. Isenbike TOGAN, Faculty Member of Bogazici University, Hakki ATUN, Faculty Member of Eastern Mediterranean University and Former Prime Minister of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Dr. Veyis GUNGOR, President of Netherland Turkish House Research Center, Prof. Hakki KESKIN, Honorary President of Germany Turkish Community, Prof. Kadirali KONKOBAYEV, Faculty Member of Kirghiz Turkic University, Prof. Onur Bilge KULA, Faculty Member of Hacettepe University, Prof. Dr. Emine GURSOY NASKALI, Faculty Member of Marmara University, Anar RIZAYEV, President of Azerbaijan Authors Union, Olcas SULEYMENOV, Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to UNESCO and author, Prof. Vamik VOLKAN from Virginia University Mind and Human Relations Center and Ambassador (R) Prof. Ali Engin Oba, Faculty Member of Cag University and Advisor to TASAM Chairman.

[Further details regarding World Turkic Forum available at: http://www.tasam.org/tr-TR/Etkinlik/675/4_dunya_turk_forumu ]

[Further details regarding Turkic World Red Apple Awards: http://kizilelma.dtf.tasam.org/index.php/tr/ ]

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