Germany and Islamic Countries

Honorable Senator Mushahid Hussain, Mr. Suleyman Sensoy, Mr. Ali Mohammad Mousavi, distinguished dignitaries, excellencies ladies and gentlemen, good morning. On behalf of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, it is my privilege to talk on this auspicious occasion in front of this audience. It is indeed the profound honor and pleasure for Konrad Adenauer Foundation to cooperate with the Pakistan-China Institute, Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Research for the 6. Islamic Countries Think Tanks Forum. This forum aims at providing a platform for Muslim countries to discuss existing and emerging multi-dimensional security issues. I would like to take the opportunity to give a brief overview of our organization and the work we do in Pakistan and other place over the world.

Konrad Adenauer Foundation is a political Foundation from Germany. We, as a foundation, had been engaged in fostering democracy, rule of law and social market economy in the last fifty years. The foundation operates with funds of German Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development. We run almost 120 offices over the world to foster peace and freedom. We encourage a continuous dialogue at the national and international levels as well as exchange between cultures and religions. We cooperate with governmental institutions, political parties, civil society organizations and think tanks building strong partnerships along the way. Together with our partners, we make a contribution to the creation of an international aura that enables every country to develop freedom under its own responsibility.

Muslim world constitutes one fifth of the population of the world. However, it has been unable to realize the potential growth and development since it has been marked by issues like terrorism, extremism and sectarianism. It is essential for the Islamic countries to work towards integration and cooperation. The Muslim world must integrate vast resources and bring about intellectual, economic and political renaissance in them. Germany is and has always been a strong advocate of integration and cooperation. Close nets will boost Muslim communities’ trade and this will lead towards prosperity and growth.

We are hopeful that this forum will allow the delegates to address the issues which have been development mechanism for deepening multi-faced cooperation in this regard. I would also like to take this opportunity to formally welcome all international participants who have taken their time and have joined us for this two days conference to debate the issues. I would also express sincere thanks to our partner Senator Mushahid Hussain and, as well to TASAM who took this initiative. This is the most prestigious non-governmental forum of its kind forming a platform to the most prominent and best members of the international and intellectual community to debate the issues of most pertinent concern to Muslim countries.

With this, I would like to welcome you all to the proceedings. I hope you are looking forward to our highly renowned speakers and participants as much as I am.

I wish everyone the most productive two days conference. Thank you very much.

( Ronny Heine, Resident Representative of Konrad Adenauer Foundation | Opening Speech | 6th Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic Countries | 7th March 2015, Islamabad )

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