3rd Turkish - Latin America and Caribbean Congress

  • "Strategical Cooperation and Los Turcos"
( In CIVIL GLOBAL 2016 )

All distinguished participants are welcome to the 3rd Turkish - Latin America and Caribbean Congress which will be held in Istanbul on April 20-22nd 2016 by TASAM, with the main theme of “Strategic Cooperation and Los Turcos“ Accommodation will be provided at international standards. In case of any loss, postponement and cancellation after participant’s confirmation, the amount will not be refunded by sponsors.

Main Theme
Strategical Cooperation & Los Turcos

Sub - Themes
Strategic Emergence Association between Turkey and Latin America
Turkish Foreign Policy Activism in Latin America: High-Level Visits, Trade and Soft Power
Ottoman-Latin American Relations: Diplomacy, Commerce & Migration
Ottoman Citizens' Cultural and Religious Heritage in Latin America
Early Diplomatic Relations between Latin America and the Republic of Turkey
The Caribbean in the Turkish International Activism
Humanitarian and Developmental Aid: New Dimension in the Inter-regional relations
America and Turkey New Approaches to Global Governance
Regional Organizations and Inter-regional Cooperation with Turkey: the cases of the Pacific Alliance and MERCOSUR
Fighting Against Common Threats: Terrorism, Organized Crime and Cybercrime
Distant Actors, Common process: Comparative Perspectives between Turkey and Latin America
DATE - PLACE : April 20-22nd, 2016, Hotel Pullman Istanbul - Istanbul
April 01, 2016 Deadline for abstract and full paper submission (After your application we will inform you in three days )
February 01- March 15, 2016 Early bird registration
March 15-April 15, 2016 Late registration period
April 20-22, 2016 Congress