8th Istanbul Security Conference (2022)

  • “Post-Security Dilemmas, Integrations, Models and Asia”
In this context, the 8th Istanbul Security Conference with the main theme of “Post-Security Dilemmas, Integrations, Models and Asia“, will be organized with the following sub-themes with reference to generating policy options for decision makers of the public, private sector and civil society and making a strategic contribution to global academic/expertise accumulation.


Post-Security Dilemmas
One World - One System; Micro States
One World - Multiple System; Nation States - and others

New Facts and Security Governance
Post-Modern Security and Ecosystem
Clockless Digital State
Demographic Cancer
Employment Security and Deep Poverty
Hidden Hunger
Algorithmic Warfare
USA's Third Balancing Strategy
Uncertain Future and Blind Spots
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality - Metaverse
Digital Currency and Financial Security
Belt and Road Competition Security
3D Technologies and Security
Climate Change and Nuclear Inventory
The Future of Thermo-Frost Layer, and Safety
New Trends in Uncontrolled Immigration and Border Security
New Conventional in Defence and Space Industry
Public Security Models and Education

Global Security and Integration
New UN and Security Governance Models

Asian Security Vision and Layers for Humanity
Red-Apple, Phoenix, and other İnspirational Reference Doctrines

Asian Security Vision and Layers for Humanity
Red-Apple, Phoenix, and other Reference Doctrines

Leadership and Collaboration Vision
Asia, EU, Africa, Latin America, USA, China, Russia, India, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, UAE
Post-Security Geopolitics and New Global Competitive Fields (New Literature, Space etc.)
Alliances within the Alliance
Rethinking Priorities/Hostiles and Management
“Earth - Water - Air - Fire" Ecosystem Security
New Power and Property Ecosystem
New Pandemics; Cyber ​​Security, Food Scarcity, Production-Consumption Security
Transformation of the Middle Class, Future Democracy and Security

Regional Security and Integration

National Security and Defence Ecosystem Models

National and International Sources System Inventory Models
Circular (Green) Security Economy and others

Interior Security Governance Models
New Institutions

Foreign Security and Defense Governance Models
Space Force
New Institutions

Staff Security Centered Transformation of National Meritocratic Infrastructure

Post-Security Civil Soldier Governance Models



Istanbul Cyber-Security Forum

4th Marine and Maritime Security Forum 2022

5th Türkiye - Africa Defence Security and Aerospace Forum

6th Türkiye - Gulf Defence And Security Forum

Despite a strong historical and cultural background, the relations between Türkiye and the Middle East, or more narrowly, Türkiye and the Gulf Countries, where strategic dialogue is still evolving, need to transform from a fragile axis into a cooperation axis that adapts to new balances, roles, and ...;

The world is going through a critical phase, where boundaries are being pushed excessively in almost every aspect. Various social and political structures such as family, society, and the state, including the individuals themselves, are facing a profound security crisis, both in terms of mind and bo...;

With all its co-events, the Istanbul Security Conference, to be held for the tenth time this year, will be organized on November 21-22, 2024, with global participation under the main theme of "Technopolitics New World: Security of Security - Mind, Generation, Family, Faith, and State Security" by TA...;

Mohammad GAWDAT; We are so brainwashed by productivity that it is impossible to stop AI. You would look back in 2027 and say shut why didn't we listen. I don't mean to scare people a lot by the way. I just want people to wake up. I don't know how much louder I can scream?;

In Istanbul, the rise of gated communities marks a pivotal transformation in urban living, evolving from exclusive domains for the affluent to diverse habitats catering to various socio-economic groups.;

We are very glad to be together at the 9th Istanbul Security Conference and its co-events, which we have continued without any disruption until today. We extend our gratitude to all our guests, both domestic and international.;

Although after the war ends, Ukraine will most certainly keep its status of an independent state, the final quality of its statehood and nationhood is undefined. Russia’s ongoing destruction of Ukraine has already changed its demographic, economic and social structure with the most severe long-term ...;

In the 100th year of the Republic, on 23-24 November 2023, the 9th Istanbul Security Conference titled as "Strategic Transformation in the Ecosystem" will be held by TASAM-NDSI with global participation at Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus. Last day to register is today, and the Participants...;

East Mediterranean Program 2023-2025

  • 17 Jul 2023 - 19 Jul 2023
  • Sheraton Istanbul City Center -
  • İstanbul - Türkiye

5th Marine and Maritime Security Forum

  • 23 Nov 2023 - 24 Nov 2023
  • Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus -
  • İstanbul - Türkiye

2nd Istanbul Cyber-Security Forum

  • 23 Nov 2023 - 24 Nov 2023
  • Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus -
  • İstanbul - Türkiye

7th Türkiye - Gulf Defence and Security Forum

  • 23 Nov 2023 - 24 Nov 2023
  • Istanbul Kent University Kağıthane Campus -
  • İstanbul - Türkiye