Istanbul Economics Congress

  • "Turkey and Social Ethics Code in the Future Economy"
Certain issues such as how can Turkey rapidly solve his economic problems and develop new approaches that will prevent it from wasting decades; how it will make its inspiring social ethics revolution; and its possible contributions to the global economy in a transformation process; as well as the ways and means of reaching the capabilities that meet the requirements to become a "financial center", will be discussed in detail in the Istanbul Economic Congress platform with the participation and contribution of economists, academics, experts in financial markets, policy makers and decision makers.

Main Theme
Turkey and Social Ethics Code in the Future Economy

Sub Themes
Economics Perspectives of Turkish Experts, Social Behaviors and Alternative Models
Future of Capitalist System and Capital-Technology Relationship
Possible Impacts of Local Economics Approach on Tendency of Authoritarianism
Macro Economics Policy: Integrity of Political-Economic-Sectoral Objectives
Instruments of Turkish Economy: Labor-Product-Service Markets and Reflex Mechanisms
Laborforce, Power and Capital Dynamics of the Future
Projections for Key Sectors (Education, Security, Defense, Health, Food etc.)
Future and Vision of the "Istanbul Financial Center"
Recommendations on Growth Strategy, Finance, Industrialization, Social State and Market
Macroeconomic Studies on Global and Regional Economies
Changing Global Dynamics and Turkey's Policies of Economics
Turkey's Economic Immune System and Global Economic Perspective/Policy Threats
Scientific Fundamentals of a Turkey-Specific Interdisciplinary Economics Approach/Practice
A Turkey-Specific Development Model with State-Market Relations and Industrialization Experience
Roles of Emerging Technologies in a Sustainable Economic Development
AI and Autonomous Systems as Productivity Boosters in Production-Decision Makers in Management
Potential Risks of AI and Autonomous Systems and Possible Socioeconomic Crises and Suggestions
Finance Circles-Producer Capital Circles Tensions in Efficient Use of Energy
Renewable Energy-Fossil Energy Tensions: Geopolitical Risks and Economy
Top Areas in Need for New Technologies; Short and Medium Term Projections
Role of “Social Ethics“ and Economy in Global and Regional Development
Role of Social Ethics Code as Cure for Crises
Modern Western Civilization and Economic Codes of Turkish Civilization
Cultural Foundations of Japan Business Organization Model
Role of Social Ethics and Taoism in China's Economic Development
Social Ethics Code Perspectives in Turkish Economic System
Global Technology Threats and Potential Responsiveness of Local/National Ethics Code
Impacts of Cultural Heritage on Economics by Continuity/Change Perspective
Global Health Crises and Responsiveness of National Moral Solidarity-Global Cooperation Ethics

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