3rd Turkey - Africa Defence Security and Aerospace Forum

  • “Security Institutions of Future and Cooperation for Strategic Transformation After Covid-19”
In the relations that have reached the“ strategic partnership " stage, it is important for Turkey to observe the activities of actors such as the USA and EU, especially China, in the continent with sensitivity and to develop its strategic policies with an open reflex to multilateral negotiations. The third of Turkey - Africa Defence Security and Aerospace Forum, where representatives from the defence, security, space sectors and institutions of Turkey and African countries will come together, will be held simultaneously with the Istanbul Security Conference which has been institutionalized as a global brand. The Forum; will continue to contribute strategically to mutual capacity building and strategic cooperation, respond to inventory and ecosystem needs by strengthening its institutionalization.

Sub-Themes | Cooperation Areas

Military and Institutional Governance of the Future After Covid-19
Land | Sea | Air | Space

Future Homeland Security Governance and Coordination After Covid-19
Civil Adm. | Law Enforcement | Local Governments

Future Police and Institutional Governance

Future Smart Cities and Security Governance

Future Gendarmerie and Institutional Governance

Future Diplomacy and Institutional Governance
Public Diplomacy | Sectoral Diplomacy | Cultural Diplomacy

Future Socio-economic Institutions and Security Governance
Sociological Capabilities and Focusing | Economic Security Governance and Coordination