Turkey - Mexico Round Table Meeting 1

  • Turkey and Mexico: Rising Powers in Changing Global Order "Culture and Public Diplomacy: Opportunities and Risks"

Turkey and Mexico share common interests in geopolitics and security at regional and global levels. With regards to “need for security of energy supply and demand“; maintaining peace and security serve both countries’ interests. Both countries, in order to sustain critically important long term interest; can develop an effective strategic cooperation. At this point a wider perspective should be adopted with regards to Turkey - Mexico relations. In order for Turkey - Mexico relations to be carried to an ideal point in today’s multi-dimensional world order; every parameter should be taken into consideration.

The aims of the Turkey - Mexico Round Table Meetings are to prepare a civil, institutional and intellectual strategic base to improve and strengthened the Turkey - Mexico Relations.

Main Theme and Sub-Themes are as follows:

Main Theme

Turkey and Mexico: Rising Powers in Changing Global Order, Opportunities and Risks


Global Challenges, Multi-Dimensional New World and Foreign Policy Perspectives

Economical Relations: Opportunities and Obstacles

Resources System: Mutual Supplementary Opportunities

Multi-Dimensional Security Cooperation

Multilateral Cooperation Perspectives

Civil Society, Academic and Cultural Cooperation Perspectives